Who is to blame, them or you?

Who are you fighting? Was there really a crime? Or do we just have our excuses? We are at a point where we can see our excuses are our greatest enemies. We hide behind our excuses and hold ourselves back. We are afraid of them, but they enable us to build a secure space for ourselves. We blame the other party in a relationship, colleagues at work, the people on the street, and our families at home. We say we can’t do certain things, and we hide behind each and every excuse as reasons for “why” we can’t do those things. Even when the reality is thrown at us, we still look for an excuse. We do not want to see, because there are things we cannot admit to ourselves. We do not want to see, because everyone else but us is to blame.

Then we are left on our own. It’s no longer enough to blame everything else, so we blame ourselves. “Look at how happy they are. Look at how successful they are,” you say. What are you doing? Life feels empty, and you do not enjoy the things you do, and you do not enjoy waking up. You want to take a deep breath and shout at the top of your lungs, “What is wrong with me? What is missing?” What’s missing is how we forget to check ourselves on the inside, because we are so busy searching everything on the outside. We can’t see, and we can’t hear either. As long as we close ourselves to the most beautiful sounds that make a human, every sound coming from the outside will grate in our ears. All the praise, love, and meaningful words signify nothing, because what we actually want to hear is that inner voice. This voice comes not from the mind but rather from the knowing. It is not the thoughts imposed on us by others but rather the music that our perceptions bestowed upon us.

Our resistance points, making us unable to take the first step, are how we repress ourselves, keeping us unable to reveal our capability in any way. There are places where we fear demonstrating our power. There are steps to be taken in our lives, but we get anxious about the results of those steps when we take them. Whenever we consider someone “superior,” we conflict with them on the energy level. Our moods differ by day and night. We accept everything one moment, and desire to destroy everything the next. All this is the energetic process of the full moon. Anger management, precautions against communication failures, and avoiding sudden outbursts can help us a little bit through this period. On the other hand, it’s essential to not repress what needs to be discharged, because you may feel the consequences in your body. I advise you to go to the gym if you can, do some physical activity, or be active in some other way. Throughout this period, it’s important not to accumulate physical energy, not harbor anger inside, and not go off balance.

The Aries Full Moon is a turning point for relationships. In this period, where destiny is of the essence, relationships can go through serious transformations. You may avoid having contact with people you don’t feel comfortable with energetically, or you may reveal things you’ve been keeping inside, and this might cause a transformation of the relationship. It is vital that you are as open as you can be in your relationships and communicate openly, because whether you are open to it or not, all will be revealed during the October Taurus full moon. There are three very important full moons this time of year, and they will push us to get into balance one way or another. We feel the need to be pushed, and we are waiting to be told, “Come on! You can do it!” But you will only benefit from it if you can tell that to yourself. Whatever is keeping us from walking our own paths will be eliminated from our lives during this period, and we will walk on those paths with our own words, own songs, and our own motivations.

The Aries full moon is going to make us question many things: our faith in justice, our faith in ourselves, our self-confidence, our careers, whether we are doing what we really like or not, our obligations, and our responsibilities. It will remind us that the vacation is over. It will tell us that a new era is beginning, and you need to take the step somehow. We should manage our careers ourselves and distance ourselves from external factors as much as possible. It is important for us to decide for ourselves and not be manipulated by those around us, whether it be our families or our social environments. This is a period when we go back and forth between our self-worth and the thoughts that we fight. That’s why we should evaluate our self-worth compared to the external factors. We should ask ourselves, “What can we do?” We can’t do everything perfectly, but we can do it with our own free choice. It may not be the best choice, but it will be our choice, a period when we get to realize that we cannot be happy with the best, only with what we have.

You may not be where you dreamed of before. You might even feel that others are living your dreams, like someone else is living the life you were supposed to live. The virus of this day and age is eating up your self-worth, and right now, you are at a place where you should be healing your self-worth. You may expect it to happen externally, and this is the very reason why you feel so unworthy, because you can only be as worthy as you feel about yourself on the inside. When was the last time that you bought yourself a gift? When was the last time you reminded yourself that you are worthy? When was the last time you realized your own capability? Could it be that what you expect from the outside is actually what you expect from yourself? What if the first step goes through your own self-worth? What if justice can only come to your world once you act justly toward yourself? Our understanding of justice, our view and our faith in justice, will be tested throughout this period.

This is not fair. I did not deserve this. I should’ve made it. It’s all about me, me, me. You see, there’s a time for everything in the universe, and you know the time that the flowers will bloom, the time that the leaves will fall off, and the times that the sun will set and rise. You feel when it will be your time. It’s just that your excuses are preventing you from seeing it. You just don’t know what will happen in the chaos, but it is the mind that perceives chaos as bad. You want everything to go as planned and on time. You avoid the paths you haven’t travelled before, and you do not walk through the dark. You always walk the same line, yet you want to get your life in order right away and receive everything you want immediately, because you deserve it after suffering so much. You’ve been hurt enough, and you’ve been sad a lot. On how many nights have you entered your house with a smile on your face, and how many nights did you cry yourself to sleep? Enough, right? Let the world turn around and be happy, right? In order to change this world, and your life, how many times did you seriously consider changing your path? When did you think about walking your own path by creating chaos? You wait for your time—the universe works like that. By holding onto the pain, you put excuses in your way. What if you’re feeding off of it? Take an objective look at your life, without burdening yourself, without judging yourself, and admitting certain things to yourself. Let tomorrow be a new day, a beautiful day, not the same one again.

What are your expectations from your loved ones, from life, from society, from time, from your job, from your money, and from your future? Are you aware that every minute that does not go as you intended occupies your thoughts? Are you aware that you are the enemy of everything that doesn’t go according to your plan, that you are not getting the love and value you expect? Are you aware of how much those expectations weigh down on you and give you stress? Are you aware that you are getting crushed under your expectations, and you are doing this to yourself? Why don’t you try to accept things as they are instead of insisting they should be like this or like that? There may well be an opening waiting for you, one that would let you reach the exit once you are free of expectations. All the rain could fall on that spot, which is free from expectations, and that rain could be your healer.

Once you are resurrected, you will start to hear yourself. Once you blow the cobwebs away, you will run on your own path, and you won’t look at the other paths anymore as you let go of the rivalry. Now is the time to resurrect and be free of all your self-pity, your past distresses, and your boredom. It is time to get rid of your excuses and demonstrate your leadership. You have the power, so do not hand it over to anyone else.

Best wishes.