Have you ever questioned the legitimacy of astrology? I’ll bet you have, and this is a very healthy attitude to take indeed.

Doubt, according to a certain Buddhist path, is one of the key driving forces that leads to Nirvana. When it comes to astrology, being able to disassociate yourself from your sign (or signs) is essential, because associating yourself with an astrological sign is a rather immature act, and it is better to pass through this if you wish to keep evolving.

So, what’s the point in all those horoscopes, zodiac signs, and such like? Well, in a way, they show you the “source code” of your being. It’s like they show you a map, a way out of “The Matrix” if you like.

It’s so you can hack your own ego, and transcend your own identity.

I am extremely excited to share a video with you, one where I explain my philosophy on how to approach astrology, not just Mayan astrology but any astrology. I have always been skeptical about what astrology tells me, even long before I heard about the Mayan variant, and this is just healthy.

One of the ways I find fascinating is the Advaita Vedanta way, asking, “Who am I?” like Ramana Maharishi or the famous mantra Neti Neti, by Nisargadatta Maharaj. You are not this, nor are you that. You are not your identity, your job, your body, your money, or whatever.

You are also not your astrological sign!

Your Astrological sign just gives you clues about how your mind works or perhaps how your karma is shaped—it gives you the code behind your personality, so you can hack it.

Your Astrological chart is like a mirror. You look into it and see, well, reality, so you can know your enemy as the martial sages would put it.

You are here to transcend your personality. (By the way, “persona” means “mask” in Ancient Greek.)

Like the transpersonal psychology approach says, you are here to transcend your current state. You are not here to fix what is currently present but rather to level up, to be born again from your ashes like the Phoenix. Your astrological signs show you who you are and how you can transcend each of these aspects.

Finally, a map is not the territory it depicts. In the same way, your horoscope just gives you a map, but the territory is alive, colorful, and full of surprises, just like your life once you exist in the moment rather than being stuck in the maps.

So, sure, learn about the map, but do not get stuck within it. Life itself is amazing, and the power of now is a great teacher.

I wish you a lovely day and a great life, which starts today. Get up and do exactly what needs to be done, so you can be the best version of yourself.

Fatih Keçelioğlu