Have you ever spent a night with the Moon? Try it and see what lessons you will learn.

I thought I would eat alone, but then I saw her. I said, “Welcome. What a nice surprise.” She replied by saying, “You know that I am always with you.

  • Yes, I know, sometimes I forget. Thank you for just being.
  • And I will always be. Loneliness is just a perception.

I then tried to change the topic.

  • Would you like to eat fish?
  • No thanks. I’m on a diet, so I only drink water.

“Oh, nice,” I thought, “she is priceless.” I looked around at the other tables. Everyone was sitting with someone else, but they were all more concerned with their cellphones. Unlike them, all her focus was upon me. I felt like she was looking directly into me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide anything from her. It was like she could see even into my subconscious, but interestingly enough, this did not bother me one bit. She then spoke:

  • Come on, tell me!
  • Tell you what?
  • The things you want to say but can’t.

My reply then started with a “Hah!”:

  • As if they would all come out just because someone tells me to. I’ve been blocked for months, as if my brain is empty. Everything that I wanted to write refused to come out. I have the feeling that I need to do something, but I can’t. I wish it would all come out just because someone tells me to.

Even I was shocked by the things I was saying. A voice behind my mind said, “I wish I had a voice recorder with me so I could take some notes,” but I know that whenever I want it, she is there for me, and she will again help me to tell all. She listened with patience, and she shined as I spoke, sparkling with a smile on her face. She shined even more as I continued to talk about the things that I couldn’t before. I was surprised by how much she shined. We continued like this for some undetermined length of time. I would describe it as like time being stopped, yet I still heard the retro pop songs coming from the next restaurant. Time flowed, and I flowed, and she was stable. All her attention was on me. When I finished telling my story, I felt alleviated. I ate a large fish with salad, and it was delicious. “If I can taste it, it is not a dream,” I thought. She did not say anything, as if she would listen to me even if I talked forever. I thanked her and expressed my gratitude for her presence.

  • I am grateful for your presence and that of people like you. You honor my own presence. Most people do not see me. They look at me, sure, but they do not see me or feel me. I feel so happy when you include me in your lives. Even if you didn’t, it would be my duty to light up, but I like being noticed.

As she sat across from me, they treated me well in the restaurant. They brought free dessert, fruit, tea, and so on. Without knowing it, they also honored her presence. I thought, “It was nice to feel lighter after telling everything. Now I will be full again after eating this much!” I laughed at this thought. Of course, she sensed what was going through my mind.

  • Let’s walk, so you will feel better again.

After we had walked for a few minutes, she asked me a question:

  • Do we need to catch a train or something?
  • No. Why?
  • So why are you rushing? How can you see the beauty of your surroundings when you are rushing like that?

I was embarrassed.  I had been talking about mindfulness and awareness, yet I was still rushing even though I was supposed to be walking for the pleasure of it.

  • Listen to the waves. What would happen if they hit the shore as fast as you were walking?
  • Uh, there would be a storm, I guess.
  • So why do you create a storm inside yourself? Calm down.
  • You are right.

I slowed down. I saw someone who I did not know on the way, and we greeted each other. I saw a kitten that I petted for some time. Many details that I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t slowed down made me very happy. I finished the walk with a big smile on my face.
I realized that to be able to tell, you first need to slow down and understand. If you try to tell something when your mind is running through different thoughts, you just talk nonsense. I thanked her again for this nice lesson. She said:

  • I am here for this, and don’t forget that I am always with you. I am also here to awaken your creativity. I want you to connect with your female energy and create, so you will radiate as I do.

Have you ever spent a night with the Moon? Try it and see what lessons you will learn.