Another feature of love,
The sound of divine invitation in the ear,
The red color bonding one life to another,
The joyful tidings of many new sunrises and the winged smell of glory,
The esoteric feel of the One, glazed with three in the pine,
The divine name of wisdom inscribed on the body with bread and wine,
Another state of love,
The supreme of the supreme,
The messenger of escalation,
The teacher of prayer,
The miracle of awakening to one’s self,
The bright eternal light named Jesus, İsa, Yeshua, and Christ,
We know you as love and know you in the name of love.
The one with no beginning and no end,
From immemorial to infinity,
You are the road to salvation and love.
The very embodiment
Of grant and peace,
Of the deep sereneness within,
Of the nicest name taken,
Of the miracle.
The mother’s womb
Of the divine love
That is born over and over.

May it be glorious,
And always hale.
A belated merry Christmas.