It’s important to see what you’re looking at…
What do you see right now?
What are you looking at?
What are you thinking?
I saw a small daisy growing in Istanbul’s dusty streets. It was among the built-up concrete plazas on a small lawn, growing out of the ground.
It was all alone, yet it seemed to be smiling. I greeted it, and I would have hugged it if I could. It was so tiny, though, so I just touched it and caressed it gently, smiling all the while.
I then noticed how people were looking at me like I was crazy for sitting beside a flower and caressing it. I decided I didn’t care and continued to lovingly touch the daisy.
As I fawned over this pretty flower, I also began to take in my surroundings. This delicate flower had blossomed in such an unlikely place. There were no other flowers nearby, and moreover, people were hustling by on the left and right. They were bumping into each other, rushing and shouting in frustration. This was a crowded place. There was the sound of car horns, the yells of street traders, and the click of high heels as smartly dressed ladies passed by.
Everyone was trying to get somewhere. It was like life was trying to flee them, and they were trying to chase it.

Everyone Is Looking, but Nobody Sees

I asked the daisy, “Why did you choose to blossom here, all by yourself? Where are your friends?”
It answered, “They prefer to blossom in the meadows, where there is plenty of fresh air and sunlight. I picked this place, because I wanted to be the inspiration for those looking for a beautiful reason for existence.”
“But the people here think that promotions, bonuses, money, health, friends, acceptance, and praise are the only reasons worthy of showing gratitude to existence. They don’t see any point in feeling gratitude for something as tiny as me. They haven’t discovered this yet, so the insignificant coincidences can affect their lives in unexpected ways. Among ourselves, we call it ‘reading life.’”
“They thank their managers when they give them a promotion. They thank their friends when they do something nice for them. They thank their doctors when they heal their illnesses. As I said, they need a big reason to show gratitude, so they never see me.”
“I always expected that some of these busy people would notice me, and I would give them a reason to smile. I would be a messenger for good things to come or an answer to a question, or even merely something to be thankful for. Everyone’s in such a hurry here. They always have something to do with all their unending desires. Everyone looks around, but nobody sees.”

You Must Tolerate Some Difficulties to Awaken the Sleeping

“It’s okay. I still have hope. I will continue to smile at the passersby until someone steps on me or pulls me up.”
“I will show them how their busy, monochrome lives are actually filled with much beauty, if they really want to look and see.  I will continue my very reason for existence with love and a smile. You must tolerate some difficulties to awaken the sleeping, Seçkin. That is why I chose to blossom here.”
It actually said many more things, but I’ll keep those to myself.
I never thought I’d receive a life lesson from such a tiny flower. I am so glad I came across it.
I wondered how many others had noticed it through that day’s rush. How many others had smiled at it rather than staring at their smartphones and watches and feeling frustrated. I received a lesson I needed to learn from this tiny teacher. I thanked this daisy from the bottom of my heart for being where it was and making it such a beautiful day, as well as for everything it made me realize.
As I left the plaza, all I could think of was a hope that no one would destroy that delicate flower, yet someone would surely step on it one day. Nevertheless, the daisy kept on smiling, even more so now, as it continued to illuminate the place in which it had chosen to blossom…
I guess this is what it’s like when you know your reason for existing, and you continue to exist for it against all the odds…

Seckin Gultekin