There’s one problem with spiritual messages—the promised dates are always incorrect. Dates are often given, yet nothing changes by that time.
I can understand setting a date for something to begin, but when they give deadlines as well, I can’t help but laugh.
For example, what if you ask about a situation that concerns an entire country, or maybe even the entire world. What if you ask, “What might happen in future? What are the possibilities?”
It’s a genuine effort, but nothing will change.
Then there are affirmations, where you list what you want and send it out into the universe, through various methods, to attract the desired result.
For example, they repeat, “I am! I am! I am!” but they never become.
Actually, they are doing something right here. In any decision, all involved parties have a right to speak, and just like the sparrow that carried water for Hz Ibrahim, each claims his or her side. Speaking about how they will vote actually increases the power of their votes.
The problem, however, is that no one receives special benefits from the universe. By this I mean that even within our own lives, in decisions we assume to be personal, there are other parties involved that may prefer a different choice.
We cannot ignore the opinions of others by declaring a choice unilaterally.
Of course, those who train self-control may have slightly stronger voices, but unless all parties can agree with it, your choice will not come true.
To alter reality for personal gain would not be very ethical anyway. Using mere words and declarations may affirm your vote and strengthen it, but this is not enough alone to change reality.
Express your preference in every personal or social decision, take a side, and declare it, but also ask questions and listen to the answers, because this is also a good thing.
If you get the feeling that you’re running in circles, remember to respect the voting rights of all your partners, and despite all your efforts, do not expect a guaranteed result.
Let us all meet at this point of understanding, so that in all the decisions we make, we are united…