When we were young, our father never wanted us to go out on New Year’s Eve, but every year, we tried to figure out a way to go out anyway!

Imagine it at that age: All your friends are out acting crazy and having fun. It’s only natural that we were really annoyed. Once, we even snuck out with our sister after everyone went to sleep. Don’t even ask how we managed to get back home that night!

Eventually we grew up, though, and our New Year’s Eve plans started to vary as we all declared our independence over the years. After a while, it just became meaningless for us all to go out together.

Still, our family, which started out with six individuals and grew into a crowd with the addition of a new generation, could never manage to get together for New Year’s Eve!

This New Year’s Eve was a whole different story, though.

Our father, who had forbid our early New Year’s Eve adventures, brought us all together on this night to bid farewell to him. Our months-long prayers were heard: He made us one again, and he was reunited with the source in peace surrounded by his children and embraced by the love of those he grew up with. It happened with loving touches and kisses, sometimes with a smile, sometimes with tears, but always with affection and love with gratitude.

He now smells of roses…

Ferhan Saral