Wealth renders happiness, and health rejuvenates.
He has almost 10 billion dollars in personal wealth and is famous around the world. He affects the whole of cyberspace with just a single word, yet he sits at home almost awaiting death. You guessed it right: I’m referring to Steve Jobs.
The CEO and “reputedly immortal” founder of Apple is ill. He has pancreatic cancer, which he has struggled with for the past seven years. In a way, he keeps a mental attitude of “defeat or be defeated.” By doing this he supports his sickness, and being content with his illness, he strengthens it.
“How heartless of you to say this!” you may say … Go ahead, you can say whatever you like, but read my words again, and if possible, get Steve Jobs to read them as well.
First of all, I must say something. We empower anything we reject by giving our own power to it, but we share in the power of anything we accept. Instead of fighting cancer, uttering this thought might enable us to share its power: “This sickness may be trying to tell me something; I’d better listen to it.” I think it would be wise to take this theory seriously, because there are many people who have been cured just by listening to what the sickness was telling them. Why not, especially if there is nothing left to lose?
Spiritually, the pancreas is associated with love. A person receives love initially and most deeply from his mother. An invisible armor can form in the depths of a person about expressing and receiving love. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as when a person’s mother dies or moves away at an early age or if that person is given over for adoption.
In the early years of childhood, because of the pure state of mind then, the following idea imperceptibly appears: “If my mother loved me, she would not have left me.” In later experiences, the person is blinded towards the love directed to him. No matter who is expressing the love or the intensity of it, that person is unable to receive it.
This happens because he has already convinced himself that, “If my own mother cannot love me, no one can.” He cannot value himself enough to be loved, so he cannot understand the love given to him. When he is unable to understand it, he cannot appreciate any of the love expressed to him.
The lack of love has already turned into an inability to receive it, and as a result, despair forms. Being caught between the lack of love and self-despair, the person finds himself in the ultimate search for power. It has been a long time since he started to repeat the following mantra to himself at each undesired incident: “No one loves me, and I cannot get any help. There is no solution, so I must become powerful.” Moreover, this way of thinking becomes automatic, and the person will not be aware of what is crossing his mind.
Each organ in the body reflects a thought’s impact on the spiritual field. For example, lungs sicken when there are wounds of sadness and anguish in the soul. Stomachs cause issues when there is a problem accepting the novelties of life or when we reject a person or an incident. The person is not even aware that these wounds of the soul are reflected by his organs. The experiences that caused the wounds in the soul may have happened a very long time ago. These experiences may even belong to the person’s ancestors, but they have not yet been fully seen in all their aspects. Just like with the black box of a crashed flight, we cannot liberate our experiences without accessing the black box of the brain.
The pancreas relates directly to love. When a person cannot feel love, he starts lacking the ability to enjoy life. For him, life no longer seems “sweet.” Diabetes arises, and his organs cannot process sugar. His body starts reminding him that his soul is wounded by a lack of love.
Cancer, regardless of the organ it affects, means the person has shifted to a self-centered state of mind because of the issue in question. The person is ready to exploit all his resources to obtain the vibration of the emotion he needs. The condition unconsciously says, “I will give to you … and you will thank me with love.”
Let’s evaluate the condition of Steve Jobs in light of the above information. His mother gave him to another family, so he was an adopted child. His mother had a single condition for the family to adopt her son: The parents must have at least a higher education. Investigating the adoptive parents is the job of social services. According to her, the officers had already researched the family to make sure they were suitable. Alternatively, she could have merely assumed that their research was thorough and diminished her own motherly responsibility. The view of the father did not matter significantly at any point. He was from Syria and the family of the mother never considered him to be a proper candidate for their daughter.
The adoptive family originally wanted to adopt a daughter. In addition, they failed the only condition imposed by the birth mother. They did not have a higher education, which they withheld. Nonetheless, they adopted Jobs and raised him as well as they could. Steve (I wonder who named him), in his new family, grew up with love, as much as there was. However, his soul always knew the truth and did not accept the formed condition. I believe that he never actually stopped saying, “My own mother didn’t want me, so she must not have loved me. How can these people really love me?” The worst part of all would be that after some time, he probably got so used to this idea that he did not even notice he was thinking this way.
When Jobs reached college age, he registered at Stanford University. He had already become someone who was “unloved and desperate,” so he did not want his adoptive parents to lose their life savings on his college fees. He decided that the best thing would be to drop out of college. Yet again, he needed to obtain power. He took some classes that interested him and transferred this new knowledge to his job at a level that would carry him to a serious position of power.
In his own words, Jobs mentioned that part of the reason for Apple’s success was due to his experiences, such as a calligraphy class he took. He obtained great success in “the lack of love and despair.” He has become rich and famous in a way that he could never have imagined. Afterwards, he unconsciously reminded himself that he was a “desperate” person and got himself fired from his own company. This was his mind yelling at him from its deepest and most unaware part: “Didn’t I tell you that you were desperate?”
All through these incidents, his pancreas started failing to clean the toxins formed by his thoughts: “I am desperate, and I am unloved.” Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the later part of his life, when he was most successful. Interestingly enough, his cancer was not diagnosed as fatal, and he just needed surgery to be cured. Since that day, it has been seven years, and his feelings of anger and resentment towards his mother have not gone away for a moment.
According to newspapers, Jobs has refused to meet with his biological father, considering the possibility that he might be motivated by his money. When a person rejects his mother or father, he is actually rejecting life. How so? A person is comprised of 50% from his mother and 50% from his father. When someone rejects an aspect of his parents, he essentially rejects a part of himself. Therefore, his wholesomeness is harmed by being rejected by his own thoughts.
It seems too late now. According to the news in the press, the doctors have given Jobs a maximum of six months to live.
However, I believe it is not over yet. With a thorough workout, Jobs could still have the chance to eliminate all the toxic thoughts and feelings that made him and his pancreas sick. Even if he could not recuperate, he could still heal the wounds in his soul and prevent new generations from being burdened with the continuation of the lesson.
It’s quite simple to try the workout.
Dear Steve Jobs, please try this:
Every day, wake up and take the photos of your biological parents. Put your mother’s picture on the left of your father’s picture. Lie prone before them. Put your arms forward, and place your palms upwards. Then repeat the following prayer:
Dear Mother and Father,
I know that you were the most appropriate biological mother and father for me. You gave me life, and I can finally see that. I am sorry to have not seen this before. I love you. I give a one hundred percent YES to YOU and my DESTINY.
Spend five minutes doing the above routine. You can start with a shorter period and increase the duration if your body allows it. Do it every day on a strict schedule. Do not allow your thoughts of hatred and resentment to take you away from life.
Who knows? Maybe your soul had this wound before, and it was bleeding but you could not see it. Maybe you made a contract with your parents to help you see this wound by making it bleed more. And it may even be that you forgot all about this. Even if you do not believe me, please try.
Try it and do not deprive us of the iPhone 40 and iPad 12.