Once upon a time, there was a girl living in a small town. Her childhood was very similar to all the other small children. Some had baby dolls and liked to comb its blonde artificial hair; some children had red toy cars and crashed them into other toys. Our little girl, well, she had a teddy bear which she took everywhere with her.
For many years, her teddy bear accompanied her wherever she went. Sometimes she forgot him in a neighbor’s house, in a bus or elsewhere; however, each time this cute teddy bear, her little loyal friend, found his way home. Everyone knew this teddy bear was the girl’s best friend and made every effort to return him to her. You know, childhood seems like that; everyone mobilizes to make you happy!
Time passed and the little girl grew up. The teddy bear was so old now that his tattered fur could not endure one more agitation of a washing machine. The little girl’s mother, like all mothers, had a “toy-cleaning operation” and sent this teddy bear away from home. The little girl was so sad but could do nothing. No one knew where the teddy bear spent the rest of his life, and no one brought him back home. No one knocked on their door and gave good news declaring: “Here he is; we found your teddy bear!”
Perhaps the little girl could learn something from the relationship with her beloved friend: When the time comes, everything and everyone can move out of your life and this is a natural process. She learned that early on.
As she grew up, many things in her life disappeared, and she knew how to maturely accept all of it. Perhaps, the most important thing she learned was not to depend on anything or anyone too much.
Now she is an adult. In the past she has had lots of things to say goodbye to and many new things to welcome to her life. Reality showed her that she should not possess anything and nothing belongs to her.
She never boasts; she does not say, “I have this or that.” She only says, “I have everything.”
She now puts on a crown made of daisies; even though, her naysayers tell her this crown no longer suits her age. She has everything, and instead of being a queen without a crown, she has her own coronation ceremony. The only thing she embraces now is the lives she has touched up to this point, and the ones she will touch every day until the end.
That’s why, she does not have anything, but she also has everything!

Sibel Oltulu