Part 1: What is Energy?
Everything that exists is nothing more than a state of pure vital energy transforming itself as a consequence of a different vibrational level. Especially in the last twenty years, too often we have heard of such similar words. Some of us grabbed the meaning of what we were told; some of us still try to unravel it. I wonder if we really understand what’s noted especially when words such as positive/negative, higher/lower vibration or Yin/Yang are used.
Everyone keeps mentioning the word energy. Alright! I’m asking it now. What is Energy?
According to Wikipedia, “Energy is often understood as the ability a physical system has to do work on other physical systems. It is able to influence all kinds of visible matter. Energy is never lost. It can transform itself into other kinds of energy.” When you look at the definition, it does not really explain what it is. It notes it as ability. So maybe it is not anticipated that everybody will have it. Then how come it is said to be present in all things? Of course, the answer is in the DNA records, but that is another topic to discuss.
I would like to mention what I understand from “energy” before I scrutinize the subject of this article. For me, energy is the core of everything that exists; what we need for every movement we make, and the vibration we generate with every movement. It comes from infinity and goes beyond eternity. Energy has no beginning and no end. It exists and will exist as long as there is movement.
Whether live or inanimate, all creatures feed with energy to keep their livelihood. At the same time, as a result of the movement of their atoms, they feed and transform the surrounding energy. Beyond the description of Wikipedia, I think that energy can affect not only visible things, but beyond that, it can affect everything that exists, and in return, influenced by everything that exists. This state of interaction renders all existence; therefore, energy remains eternal.
Simple physics rules state that “the vibrations we can perceive through light and heat are the ones that accommodate two separate poles, complementing each other and transforming by consuming each other.” Positive energy is active and acts from the center outward. Negative energy is passive, opposite and acts from the outward towards the center. These two energies, no matter how powerful, do not really function by themselves. Heat and light energy, the functional energy, may only occur when two opposite poles touch and interact with each other.
Part 2: Yin and Yang
In this article we will mainly focus on the negative of these two poles. According to Far Eastern teachings, we call the negative pole Yin; however, in this context, “negative” does not hold the meaning of unfavorable. The word Yin, compared to Yang, which is more active, explains the concept covering the entire spectrum starting from less active to the most passive. Yin energy, due to its nature, moves from the outside toward the center and provides a vibration that when reproduced its effects support and soothe the environment.
It is no accident that the world and the earth are associated with Yin. The world, thanks to the gravitational energy created by its continuous rotational movement, supports us and all that we produce to be kept in place. On the other hand, the earth, directly or indirectly, supports our lives by providing us with everything that nourishes and sustains us.
Besides movement, thoughts place as the second vehicle used by humans for energy production. Whether we are aware of our thoughts or generated automatically, a biochemical reaction occurs. A biochemical reaction moves, and as with all movement, it produces energy.
Given this perspective, thought is associated with active Yang energy. We call hormones the biochemical response the body gives to thoughts. The impact hormone secretion has on the spiritual field occurs by itself and we call this impact emotions. High-vibration emotions create raisings (peaks) and low-vibration feelings create collapses in the spiritual field. But the field needs to stay homogeneous, smooth and fluid. Whether ups or downs, if these disturbances continue to exist, the fluidity of energy is disrupted. For this reason, each emotion should be experienced to the full; its effect transformed and the fluidity of the field conserved.
If we evaluate according to the explanations above, it seems appropriate to conclude that thoughts are of Yang nature and feelings consist of Yin vibrations.
As thoughts are Yang, they move from the center outward and create an expanding vibration. Yin energy accumulates and piles up. Furthermore, Yang energy continuously moves; thus, no accumulation and no storage. In fact, this is the reason why man feel the need for continuous energetic support. Nevertheless, according to the universal law of “similar energies attract each other,” as long as we keep generating the same thought, this energy that moves outward will continue to evolve and expand.
In other words, the expansion of the mind is not due to what we have learned, but it is, in reality, the result when we start to think, using what we have learned. In fact, the mind is so narrow and closed that when you look from its perspective, all we learn new in any subject is unacceptable novelties and should, if possible, be kept out of the realm of the mind. This is why we need some time to digest all the new information we learn.
Emotion is Yin, and it starts at the outside border from the point of first interaction, and moves turning toward its center traveling the entire field from the inside. Feelings of any kind whatsoever are Yin, and when allowed to flow, provide unfailing support. They do not change their supportive feature no matter the feeling of sadness, grief, pleasure, joy or any others. Still, the only thing that affects this feature is the thoughts we attribute to feelings.
In societies where sadness is considered a weakness and feelings of joy conceit, people cannot live their emotions fully and do not allow their energy to flow. The emotion not lived coils inside and hangs aghast somewhere in the person’s energy field like an unusable energy spiral.
Part 3: Circles of Pain 
Over time, the vibrations of an emotion not allowed to be experienced turn into pain. Pain as an emotion never arises spontaneously by itself. Pain happens when we try to suppress the vibrational reaction that occurs in the spiritual field as a result of our mental “reaction” in the face of an event. Energy is real and creates an impact in the form of elevation (peak) (joy, pleasure, etc.) or collapse (sadness, grief, resentment, etc.). This impact holds a vibrational power. We can notice it and make use of the vibration. To do this, first we need to notice it, assess it, and say, “Hmm, I am joyful now” or “I’m sad now,” then we need to let it flow. Thereafter, we can say, “OK, I can now use this energy for the benefit of the whole.” We need to react openly to all emotions accordingly: laugh, cry, sob, punch walls or anything else. If we do not, energy gets stuck and the vibration level falls.
Therefore, as a result of emotions and its own nature, Yin represents pain and concentrates towards its center. These stuck spirals, namely circles of pain, concentrate inwards and thoughts block their movements.
So, energies not lived or allowed to flow start to accumulate somewhere in the person’s field. For example, when the momentum of fear vibrations based on issues related to the mother are exhausted, they locate themselves in the aura on the left kidney and stay there. When the person generates the same kind of energies over and over, the law of attraction repeats “like attracts like”; they reach the same point, join the previous vibrations and strengthen them. In time, they may accumulate in the same place and crystallize. (Kidney sand or stones denote examples of these energies that have become dense and materialized.) This is called being stuck. They are an individual’s circles of pain and bind the person. When the person dies, they leave the person’s body and hang around somewhere in the atmosphere. They bond with similar energy spirals left by other people. This is also called being stuck. In this case, these are collective circles of pain, and they affect everybody carrying similar energies.
To sum up, the more an emotion is produced but not permitted to be experienced, the more energy accumulates inside the circle. Eventually, the circle of pain can intensify so much that it may physically become visible. We call such dense circles of pain cysts, polyps, or tumors. Whether they are benign growths of fat or cancerous tumors, all cysts consist of nothing else but repressed emotions, denied to be lived, and that eventually become visible.
When we think of human life, a span of about 80 to 90 years comes to mind. However, a person’s life depicts the sum total of all DNA records including the unfinished issues of all their ancestors. Records transferred from parents to their children include unsolved emotions along with unfinished tasks.
The description in Wikipedia reports, “Once produced, energy never disappears, but only changes form.” Pain circles never disappear either. They can only be brought back into awareness, examined, and with the proper approach, transformed from inert hard material into usable fluid energy, but they can never be eradicated.
Let’s say a grandfather lost his wife at a young age and very saddened by this event. What could he do if the society where he lives forbids him to experience his sadness? He would suppress the emotion and bury it inside. A suppressed feeling buried inward will turn itself into a spiral and eventually become a circle of pain. Once formed, the circle will inevitably hang somewhere in his energy field.
Are you saddened by this example? Get ready for a little surprise with another example.
Let’s say, after five daughters the grandfather has a son which makes him very happy and pleased. Unfortunately, to show such feelings of joy is not welcome in his environment. What will the grandfather do? He will suppress his feeling of joy. When suppressed enters, a circle of feeling will form which will naturally be a circle of pain—an emotional cyst. And this circle of pain will remain invariably suspended somewhere in the grandfather’s energy field.
Years pass, and the grandfather completes his life and passes away. So what will become of those circles of pain? Nothing! Why? They belong to this world. They will exit the grandfather’s energy field and be dragged somewhere into the atmosphere and exist with similar kinds of energies. They will join other circles of pain most suitable to them, left by suffering people who lived before the grandfather. They will find those they resonate with well, get stuck to it, and strengthen its power.
Part 4: Time Zones 
Now, I would like to talk a little bit about time zones. Many times, we hear time is not linear. Actually, scientists agree that time is a perception and not real. According to their explanations, everything happens in an immense, limitless space and precisely at the same moment. However, with our narrow capacity of perception, we can only see, hear, touch or taste things when we approach the area where they exist. Scientists insist these things have always existed; although, we can only become aware of them if we come close to them.
Of course, this is not an easy concept to grasp with our minds accustomed to a three-dimensional perception. Assume you stand somewhere in a very large field, and a tractor stands in the field about 37 km from you. You will not see the tractor from where you are; you will only see it when you approach it, and only then will you become aware of its existence. Scientists tell us that non-linear time resembles something like this.
Nowadays, they also relate that time is not only spatial, but paths draw spirals in the same space, where time zones prevail on the paths. I personally do not comprehend or perceive this completely, but let’s assume the period we call 1998 refers to a time zone in this field. While we wander in our field, we may approach 1998, the time zone. There may be records from those who have been there before us, and they may reciprocate with our records. This could be a record from one of our ancestors. It could be a record from our own past lives. It could even be connected to a record as part of our own plans for destiny and experience it in the near future. When those vibrations resonate with the information inside of us, we may feel what has been experienced there in the past; we can even describe them clearly.
In this case, the grandfather’s experience stays somewhere in the time zone he physically lived in as a circle of pain. Of course, this could just as well be an experience we lived in the future but registered in this time zone. When another person enters the time zone and approaches the circle of pain, the memories with similar vibration in his/her DNA gets activated or triggered. For this situation, the vibration thus activated affects the person and causes him/her to feel something similar.
Part 5: Effects of Circles of Pain
Now let’s get to the point. Let’s say you have produced a similar circle of pain or you inherited it through your DNA. Your circle is asleep somewhere in your field. You have no idea about its existence or you have long forgotten it. Life goes on; you move around and go to various places around the world living lots of different experiences. Which time zone is where? What kinds of vibrations exist in which space or time zone? What happens when you encounter those kinds of vibrations? You don’t have the slightest idea about these issues because you claim no psychic capabilities to see those subtle energies.
You visit a place for holiday, and suddenly, you find yourself in a meaningless sense of grief. You try everything the environment offers to relax and bring back your piece of mind; watching movies, reading books, swimming, horseback riding, parachuting, bungee jumping, river rafting, intimate conversation with your partner, but all in vain. You cannot get rid of this sticky sense of grief.
Perhaps in your DNA, you have strands of a circle of pain remaining from your own or your ancestor’s experiences. And perhaps, since their records resemble yours, it resonates with the vibrations of a circle of pain belonging to other people suspended in the atmosphere in that same place and time zone. You may be resonating to this activated painful circle and re-experiencing its impact. Since you cannot pinpoint it, you suppress and strengthen the pain inside even more.
To summarize: It makes no difference whether sadness or joy; any kind of feeling not lived freely and transferred and used as internal energy, it definitely transforms itself to anger. The circle of pain becomes unavoidable with suppression of anger.
Who knows how many circles of pain we have in our energy fields, waiting for the day of reckoning, to live fully the feeling captured inside and transform it. We may not know the number, but we can probably recognize issues that hurt, touched or angered us the most.
Part 6: Healing the Circles of Pain 
As a result of my research and studies, I came to the conclusion that a big number of circles of pain exist in all people. After hard work and pouring a lot of sweat over it, I discovered a way to convert the energy inside the circle from inactive to useful energy by living and experiencing it. Now get ready, I will tell you how to do it.
When you can allocate yourself some time, go to a place as calm and quiet as possible. First of all, get a long rope. With the rope make a circle on the floor of about 3 meters in diameter. If focus presents no problem for you, you can do it through visualization.
Stay outside of the circle. Sit or lie down and focus on your most active/effective center. Intuitive people can concentrate on their center of gravity. The heart center suits sensitive people or those with strong feelings. (Our center of gravity or dantien sits about three fingers below the belly button and 2/3 to the inside of the body. The heart center is at about 1/3 inward from the thymus gland located in the middle of the sternum.)
Focus on your breath and relax your mind. Don’t get stuck in your thoughts. Let the thoughts come and go. You can start working once fully focused on your center and feel ready.
While concentrating with all your focus on your effective center, say your intention: “With the permission and the name of Almighty God, I intend to experience my circles of pain. Here and now, I am ready to confront and transform my circles of pain, regarding love, money, sexuality, creativity, abandonment, unworthiness, insufficiency [or any other issue, but one subject at a time] that vibrate in my energy field with my own experiences or those of all my ancestors in all time zones.”
Any movement, sensation or perception occurring at the belly or heart center means that a circle of pain has come closer to the surface and started to show itself. Now enter the circle you drew.
Say, “Here and now, I am allowed to experience all emotions not experienced forming this circle of pain,” and let yourself go along with what comes up from inside. You may sit, stand or even lay down in the circle. You may want to cry, laugh, indulge or be angry or any other feeling or behavior rising inside you; do not stop them. Whatsoever comes up, allow it to be fully lived, and allow it to stay with you until it transforms itself. That feeling, desire or movement is nothing more than the vibration that has not been allowed; on the contrary, it has been suppressed and turned itself to pain. Allowing yourself to live it is the key to open the doors to the block.
When a feeling ends, you may step out of the circle, but I do not advise it just yet. Stay in the circle and give yourself some time. Circles are usually composed of a large number of nodes of repressed and crystallized emotions; so by giving yourself enough time, you may get the chance to solve more nodes forming the circle. In particular for those using visualization, when you are sure the exercise is finished, you may visualize the imaginary circle turns itself into light and disappears slowly. This works for me as an inner tool showing that the exercise has really been completed. Who knows, it may also work for you.
Concluding the exercise does not mean you are finished with that circle and all related pains lived and resolved. You may have to repeat the same exercise until the time you feel nothing when you enter the circle.
When you exit the circle, you may feel very energetic or, on the contrary, you may feel very tired or exhausted. Such feelings indicate the exercise worked. I believe you will feel better within two to three days.
This exercise may seem very simple, but it works very deep. It helps to cleanse the memories of great sufferings that you inherited from your ancestors, or for those believing in it, from your past lives. Therefore, I think you should avoid a hasty approach—saying “Oh, I’ll do it again today and even tomorrow and the next day, so that nothing remains”—because it will not make your job easier. You do not have to cleanse all those memories and pains accumulated for thousands of years in a short period of time, such as a month.
I hope this technique will work for you.

Zeynep Sevil Güven