The time of death is a period of waiting. Once this wait ends and the moment arrives, it cannot be moved one moment ahead or one moment back. It is the time for return, and “death” is the excuse that harbors all the possible reasons within it.
Sometimes a person solves the codes of creation and attains the secret. He or she may hold entire worlds, galaxies, and infinite universes within, but this can never fit into that space called the body. For travelers who know where they came from, to succeed in touching the ”eternal,” even for just a moment, means reaching the secret.
Self-actualization is not what it looks like from afar. It’s not just about learning an occupation or achieving social and economic sufficiency. For humans, the actual merit is the real self-actualization. It is evolving your own potential in the light of your existing abilities and talents, combining it with developing skills, and never wandering off from the Everlasting.
Having an end, a limit, is merely a perception that depends on experiential knowledge. It’s not the truth.
Yet there is another experiential knowledge that, for whatever reason, we encounter much less frequently, and that is Eternity.
We witnessed the return of our traveler Ekrem Bahadır to this Eternity on the night of June 19 with one cognizant note: “Half Moon.”
We knew him for his larger-than-life wit, his courage, his direction, his emotional-thought-behavior completeness, his valor, his certainty, his first-hand experiences, his merit, and his loyalty, and he will be remembered as such…
Half Moon
Half Moon in complicated
Half Moon is lovable
Coz without the spark from the Battle
There is no light
However, Actions before thoughts lead us to complications
So stay with light
Smooth life ahead
Everything will happen
Stay can light
Stay bright!