What does the word “chakra” evoke in you? Is it images of a new-age teaching concept or a new clothing brand? What about the word “aura”? Is it a mystical word you come across in computer games and technological toys, or is it the electromagnetic field that radiates from the bodies of living beings? If you’re familiar with spiritual subjects, the words you often see are regarded as superstition by many people who avoid these subjects. There are opposing opinions such as:
If we have chakras and an aura that belongs to our body, why haven’t the scientists discovered them yet?
I would never believe in anything that is not scientifically observable!
There are also distant interests such as:
Yesterday, they took my aunt to a chakra-opening center where a man did things using a crystal in his hand. She felt great afterwards, but she didn’t understand what the man had done.
Or hot discoveries like:
My third chakra is closed, but the fourth is active.
These are all typical reactions when the subject is chakras and auras.

What are Auras and Chakras?

Chakra means “wheel” or “turning” in the Sanskrit language. They are the main connection points where spiritual energy meets the physical body. Each chakra has a different frequency and is connected with different emotions and a specific secretion gland. Besides the well-known seven main chakras in the body, it is believed in eastern holistic philosophy that there are many sub-chakras, large and small, with different functions.
The word aura describes the electromagnetic field around living beings and objects. This field varies in color between different beings. The aura involves the different energy bodies, such as the ethereal, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These bodies contain energy channels that determine a person’s state of health. Spiritual life energy first interacts with the aura before reaching the inner physical body via chakras. Disease starts with blockages in these energy channels or in the connections between them, ultimately manifesting in the physical body as well.

How can the Aura be Seen?

Trying to see auras is one of the psychic phenomena attempted first by people new to spirituality. In fact, if practiced regularly, this ability can be improved. Mystic teachings describe different ways to enhance clairvoyance. Some mystics who have spent years in spiritual disciplines claim they can easily see auras.
The first technological method for detecting auras was Kirlian photography. With high-voltage, high-frequency, low-current electrical field devices, this electrographic photography method aims to detect specific biological radiation emitted from living beings. The name “Kirlian” was given to this technique after its inventor, Russian engineer Semyon Davidovich Kirlian. Using this invention, he proved the existence of auras. Initially, the high cost made Kirlian photography devices accessible only to the wealthy, but today they can be bought for as little as 900 dollars, making  them much more affordable. Nonetheless, having a photograph of the aura is not enough, because an interpretation is also necessary. At this point, technology again comes to the rescue.

The AVS (Aura Video Station) System

The AVS (Aura Video Station) is a computerized aura-imaging system based on the principles of biofeedback, color psychology, energy, and mind/body medicine. The client’s hand is placed on the biosensor, which measures and analyzes the data. This data involves the skin’s real-time electro-dermal activity (electrical conductivity) and temperature. After being analyzed and correlated with specific emotional-energetic states, the data is then displayed on the screen as a representation of the client’s aura in full pulsating color. The AVS informs us about the client’s bioenergetic field strength, emotional-energetic states, personality patterns and changes that might occur during prayer, the application of aromatic oils, or healing.
That’s how Ünal Uluer—the owner of Kök Enerji Denge Merkezi, where we were introduced to the AVS—briefly described the system. We started testing the system, and when my left hand was placed on a box with metal spots on it, we could see colorful data on the screen in a few seconds. The first screen was a portrait image surrounded with the aura. In the second screen, I could see my overall aura and chakras around an image representing my body. At first sight, the images looked like a meaningless collection of colors, and the chakras looked like colored buttons. Of course, this means much more to an expert. Sezin Ardanuç, an assistant of Ünal Uluer, started interpreting the images for us:
The base color of your aura is orange. The aura color of each person changes over time according to your mood, job or if you’re tired or not, but everyone has a specific aura color that describes their general patterns. The orange personality type is strong and creative in arts, excited, adventurous, and manifests its creativity as physical expressions.
Next, the data in the next screen came up with information that could really pique the interest of many spirituals:
Your male and female energies are in harmony. In the case of disharmony, you may feel pain on one side of the body or other problems may arise. Your aura size is really good. If you have a small aura, people may perceive you as introverted or passive, but when it’s wide, indicating a powerful radiance, you attract people’s attention and urge them to turn and look. The more balanced you are spiritually, the larger your aura will be. Another graphic shows that your energy is focused 40% on the body, 40% on the mind, and 20% on the spirit at the moment. You travelled a long distance to reach here, and you have lots of thoughts on your mind. If you weren’t tired and meditated for a little while, the focus on the spirit might well be higher. According to your emotiometer and graph of your state of body-mind, you are not stressed right now and your mind is in a positive mode. Another energy-balance graphic shows us your energy levels just like in a PC game. I can see your intuitive, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, so when you had intense thoughts, your mental activity decreased as you can also see.

Graphic Overview of the Chakras and Aura

Sezin Ardanuç opened the next screen, which presented a scene that would seem like a dream to those interested in chakras: Previously, you would use a pendulum or other spiritual method to see whether the chakras were working properly, but with this system, you can see each chakra very precisely in the graphics. In addition to this, your aura-chakra balance is measured too. When out of balance, you feel nervous, whereas when in balance, you get a feeling of peace and harmony.
While we were reviewing the data, Ünal Uluer started to explain:
This data may vary according to your spiritual mood, what you are doing at that instant, or your level of tiredness. The graphical information before you describes your mood at this instant. If you meditated here for twenty minutes, you would see this data change. This is a spiritual check-up device. Just knowing the base color—the dominant personality color, which is constant—gives a deeper look into a person’s basic belief patterns and physical, emotional, and mental behavioral models. Ideally, the aura should have a balanced, harmonious, and circular shape. Each field must radiate at the same power and intensity. What we check is the darker and larger fields or spots that are substantially different in color and intensity. If there are darker spots, holes, or other stressed colors, we correlate the meaning of that aura color with the related body part. For instance, if a man has dark yellowish-brown spots around the shoulders, this tells us he may have shoulder or throat problems. There is no good or bad aura color; they’re just different. Although the aura may seem dark and stressed, we explain to the client how to change his or her patterns by focusing on the mind and intentions. We present new ways to create a mental, bodily and energetic balance specific to every person, so people can shine in their own perfection. In the field of personal life coaching especially, increasing the awareness of the self and establishing the potentials for the child, we see that AVS is very effective.
One of the best aspects of the AVS is that you are given a report of more than 20 pages after the session. Beyond the detection of your aura and chakra colors, the device interprets this information for you.

The Future of Technological Spirit Devices

AVS is not the only example of technology applied to spirituality. Another biofeedback system that we saw in Ünal Uluer’s centre, QXCI-SCIO, measures the electrophysiological responses of the body against 10,000 different health-related signals and invokes the innate healing capacity of the body with naturopathic methods. Similar to this, the LIFE system stimulates the immune system of the body with electromagnetic waves and activates healing mechanisms.
The new technological spirit devices of today and the future will introduce us to unknown fields that are still hidden. Instead of temporary solutions to persistent diseases, the potential of holistic healing to resolve the root causes of problems will come alive. Although spiritual healers claim they have achieved this for thousands of years already, the number of people who became healers has been limited because the modalities are not widely known. However, being developed by scientists and assured by quality control (all the devices mentioned have CE certification) and presenting visible data, these devices enable spiritual teachings to reach more people.  Humanity will have the chance to learn more about their “inner spirits.” It is time that concepts like chakras, auras, and so on are perceived less as amusing superstitions and taken more seriously when physical/mental/spiritual problems are helped in the near future…
(AVS web site: www.aura.net ; Kök Enerji Denge Merkezi web site www.enerjidengesi.net )

Aura Color Personality Types

  • DEEP-RED:  physical, hardworking, powerful, realistic, vital, grounded, strong, stamina
  • RED:  exciting, physical, energetic, competitive, winner, will-power, sexual, entrepreneur
  • ORANGE:  productive, physical and creative expression, adventurer, business like, enjoyable
  • ORANGE-YELLOW:analytical, intellectual, detail oriented, logical,structured, scientific
  • YELLOW : playful, sunny, easy going, creative, intellectual, entertaining, curious, active
  • GREEN:  social, natural, content, harmonious, teacher, communicative, quick minded
  • DEEP-GREEN:quick minded, goal-oriented, social, material, communicative, organizer
  • BLUE:  caring, sensitive, loving, helpful, loyal, peaceful, desire to be of service, nurturing
  • INDIGO:  clarity, calm, deep inner feelings, loving, loyal, introverted, inner values, artistic
  • VIOLET : intuitive, artistic, sensual, theorist, futuristic, visionary, charismatic, innovative
  • LAVENDER:  imaginative, mystical, fantasy, soft, fragile, sensitive, often spacey, ethereal
  • WHITE : transcendent, transformation, imaginative, quiet, higher dimensions, spiritual

Specialist’s View About AVS: 

Zeynep Sevil Güven: (Energy Body Balance Specialist)
The Aura Video System, AVS, has a different working mechanism to Kirlian photography. Because of this, it is widely known as the Aura Diagnosis System rather that its original name. What is an “aura” here? Why is it important? What differences are there between Kirlian photography and AVS that makes it a diagnostic system? How can it benefit diagnosis? These questions come to mind.
The aura is the wall that forms in the final step when the heat radiating from the human body combines with the environmental heat. The field left between the body and this wall is called the ethereal body. The AVS method measures this field with its outer wall. The ethereal field is directly affected by minor changes in the surrounding energy of the body and body heat. If there is energy, there is heat, and although this vibration is very subtle, it can still be measured. When the energy circulating in the acupuncture meridians is healthy, the ethereal flowing abilities of the aura will be optimal, so light that is reflected on paper using specific methods is bright and homogeneous. However, if, for example, there is infection or inflammation in an area, it will radiate more heat compared to other areas and be recognizable as a distinct bulge. This infection is caused by the meridian’s energy flow being diminished or even completely blocked. In this case, the area may be noticeable as a toneless, dim, or even dark area in the aura.
Someone trained in this field can easily see and recognize blockages and diseases according to their areas and channels (acupuncture meridians and chakras) by the bulges and holes in the aura, as well as know the best healing modality to use. Compared to Kirlian photography, AVS is dynamic and always synchronized with your changing energy field. It also provides important background information about a client’s energetic past with a twenty-page report. This dynamism has entitled the AVS to become known as the Aura Diagnosis System.

Dr. Mahmut Gürgan: (Radiologist)

Traditional medicines based on the movement of energy in the body have a long-standing history, although they are not widely applied in western medicine. To help today’s understanding, western scientists have started developing new diagnostic and therapeutic methods with the help of modern technological applications based on energy circulation in the body.
By observing the aura using technological devices, studies show that information can be obtained about the health of a person, even detecting diseases if there are any. For this method to have scientific merit, specific research needs to prove that similar diseases and health conditions lead to similar images and patterns. Once consistent results are produced from a variety of scientific studies, this method could enable new possibilities, especially in diagnosing diseases because it can be easily applied and emits no harmful radiation.

Dr. Halit Suman:

I don’t think even the existence of auras will be accepted by medical people, never mind the AVS system. We, for instance, administer acupuncture, even in some hospitals, but the various medical authorities still do not accept it. The studies conducted by the Acupuncture Society are met with suspicion by these authorities. Before presenting the benefits of AVS to the medicinal world, it should be noted that conventional medicine will not approve this type of treatment. If it becomes used widely, I believe it will be prohibited by some people, as happens in the medical esthetics profession today. On seeing a wide-scale use of this system, some authorities will try to inhibit it by claiming that it is scientifically baseless. This is how the system works, and it seems unlikely that AVS will attain its deserved status.

Hasan Sonsuz