Let’s imagine we’ve reversed our time machine and travelled back to Paris, 1789. If we stopped a French man on the street and told him, “Do you know the things you’re doing now will change the world; you’re living in a very special time,” he would probably chase you to the Bastille while waving his bludgeon at you. There’s no doubt the events of that time changed the direction of history, but the people involved suffered considerably.
Once more, we are entering into a period of revolution, but this time it goes deeper. We will witness what is arguably the most important period of human history, and we may even take active roles within the process. Now we will contribute to an era similar to the ones we read about in our history books that seemed like film scenarios. So, what I am talking about? The course of events that began years ago will peak on December 21, 2012: It’s time to say farewell to the “dark ages.”
Our “dark ages” began thousands of years ago, when humanity was separated from its spirituality. If you read Esra Erdoğan’s article, Priest Bruno from Atlantis, you will see the wise priests of that era were aware that humanity would enter such a period, so they hid their knowledge. The collective human consciousness made a choice: They wanted to know their dark sides and discover their deeper selves, so they buried the existing wisdom where it could be retrieved in later eras. The apparent image of this is full of painful events, such as the destruction of the Library at Alexandria, but within a universal perspective, humanity made a choice to forget its spirituality so it could rediscover it. You may wonder if it was really necessary. If you evaluate life on its apparent linear basis, it seems obvious it was unnecessary. However, if you consider life to be a game where you collect experiences, and if you realize that the people in every time period are embodied souls seeking to experience various conditions, then every event will be more meaningful and you will enjoy it more.
For thousands of years, we have created events where we experience the lives of others, so we can discover who we are. Calling it, “the lives of others” is not really the right expression, because they are us. Murderer, rapist, thief, barbarian, monster, swindler… all of these are part of us, but we have not experienced all these parts fully and are still experiencing them. This will continue until we accept them and say, “That’s enough! These things are part of me, and I accept them all. Being a part of the Whole, I now choose to not harm my other parts and to create new experiences by integrating with them.”
The phrase, “Farewell to Dark Ages” means that humanity’s collective conscious should now make this choice. We should rediscover the knowledge that we buried deeply thousands of years ago and remember who we are. We should make peace with our dark sides, honor all our experiences, and accept them into our Spirit. We should use our creative power for unifying rather than separating. With the help of this unifying power, we can create a wonderful planet that is hard to imagine now.
That’s why I name this period “Magic Times.” It gained momentum as we entered 2012. Perhaps the days to come will be harder than during the past revolutions, but by the “darkest” day of the year—December 21, 2012—we will start to feel the “light” and each coming year will be better for all humanity. We do not feel a rush of the sun’s warmth the day after the winter solstice, but instead we have to wait for April and May. Likewise, it will take a little time before we see the “bright” ages, but I believe we will witness it during our lifetimes. Of course, it is not the time to relax. Everyone must perform their part to the fullest.
The Wise is one of the ways in which we can contribute to this process. In short, we are throwing our starfish into the sea and asking our inner selves what else we can do. We are ready to do everything we can for the sake of humanity, and I’m sure you’re also ready to do your best. You have probably even started already.
So, there is only one thing left to say: Let’s celebrate these magic times and enjoy them together. If you have not come to the party yet, why wait? We are waiting for you… All of us… The great family of humanity…
Let the music play…