Mountains only reveal their miracles to those who are enchanted by them.

For anyone else, climbing a mountain is utter madness.

For the passionate lovers, each and every journey is sacred, because the aim is to overcome the obstacles and move beyond a threshold.

A journey through the mountains, on the other hand, has an entirely different sort of magic. It involves extraordinary discoveries, eternal wealth, a challenge that pushes the boundaries of the mind, an enchanting admiration, a trembling wild beauty, a talisman that eggs one on, and a magnetism that pulls you toward the peak. It touches the hearts of those who tread its paths with an eternal compassion.

For those who set their hearts on the path, mountains are not just rock, soil, and ice. These protrusions, which are defined as “mountains” in the external world, are perceived differently by each person depending on his or her own mental geography. They can be either sacred or a symbol of danger. Although this inner perception differs between people according to their mental structures, one perception does not change, namely the peak of the mountain.

In the mind, the peak symbolizes arrival. It is the ultimate reachable point, the climax, and a sense of satisfaction. Since there is nothing beyond it that can be envisioned, it is an orgasmic conjugation where inner joy explodes in celebration of the belief that all known obstacles have been overcome.

In the “Reaching the Essence” story of the common consciousness, which has been told for thousands of years, Qaf Mountain is reached after overcoming seven valleys. Although it is very arduous, once these seven valleys are traversed, the Phoenix itself symbolizes wisdom, might, virtue, and eternal life. This bird of eternity, who is known as Simurg and lives atop Qaf Mountain, is actually a person’s own divine nature awakening after a mindful climb.

Mountains are marvels that are often admired from afar but stayed away from. The daily habitual routines and mechanical relationships and communications are hard enough for a person to cope with, and overcoming these means crossing the ultimate threshold within one’s inner-climb to move beyond the mundane and reach the Phoenix. Taking that first step is a miracle in itself, and after that, you act as the driving force pushing yourself toward the enchanting voice atop Qaf Mountain, where you can become yourself.

Those who begin their journey toward the awesome Ağrı Dağı, where time bends, and those who will start their journey at some point in the future are actually both in the same moment. They are like the birds who set off to reach the legendary Simurg at Qaf Mountain, the birds who forgot about their own wings. Simurg is the manifestation of the divine. Becoming aware of these deep meanings and feeling the spirituality is only possible for someone who experiences oneness both inside and outside of their being, in their breath, in their heartbeat, and in the oneness and wholeness.

Nietzsche once said, “Those who cannot hear the music consider those who dance as mad.”