Being true to our testament within the time cycle we called “2018” should be our priority.
We should consent to all the conscious or unconscious choices we made throughout the year, settle for the experiences we had with events and people, and accept the outcomes.
And in 2019, we should be free from the shallow, superficial, and negative aspects of “desire,” which is where it all begins, gradually branching as it splits and spreads its limbs before returning to its holy and divine essential nature, to Oneness. We should be the mutual prayer of our conscious mind. Only after structuring our perception of time, which we call the past and the future, can we know the present.
If we talk about a past and a future, we are also talking about deprivation and hope. Every need that manifests is absolutely met in that moment, and hope is a mental tool to capture it. If the distance between deprivation and hope increases, however, the mind is exposed to more noise, and it moves rapidly along the time axis between the past and the future.
The existential root requirement of deprivation is to unite. The same applies to simple physical deprivations. For example, when we’re hungry, we unite with food. When we’re cold, we unite with heat. When we’re tired, we unite with bed. When we’re thirsty, we unite with water, and so the list goes on. As we unite, we move toward different aspects of oneness in multiple dimensions. Deprivation exists in every dimension, and to move toward oneness, hope is triggered within deprivation. In the divine system, everything is about oneness. Oneness is being complete. For every minute that passes, there is no past or no future. In that case, deprivation and hope are two significant forces working together for the same cause, and the main force they are both connected to is desire.
Desire creates deprivation and gives birth to hope.
For a mind that reaches the stage of exploring and observing the deepest inner deprivation, desire will be eminent. Because the individual consciously moves toward the celestial one, toward everything that comprises him or her in the center, the right opportunity shines brightly among the infinite possibilities. It is seen, understood, and easily distinguished and carried out quickly.
May you have the desire to explore and observe the opportunities watered down by consciousness.

SATH School of Consciousness