When you describe yourself as happy, you’ll learn sadness.
When you describe yourself as peaceful, unease will toy with you.
When you describe yourself as brave, the strongest fear will run to you.
When you describe yourself as positive and bright, you’ll notice the negative and the darkness.
When you describe yourself as good, it’ll amaze you to see the bad within yourself.
And when you meet the polar opposite of your self-given description, you’ll be faced with two choices.

Maybe you’ll kick yourself for acting like a fool and believing yourself to be smart. Or maybe you’ll reach the point of spiritual maturity after choosing the first option over and over again for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years. You’ll face the same situation again and again before your soul will ripen. When the time comes, feel sure the universe is sending what seems the most compelling, but also the most marvelous, lesson in your direction.

Acknowledge and accept your beauty as well as your ugliness, your intelligence as well as your stupidity, your brightness as well as your darkness, your good side as well as your bad side, your serenity as well as your aggression, and your positivity as well as your negativity. Only then will all the contrasts within you merge and neutralize each other.

Only then will you meet the real you that is beyond any description, a being that cannot be described in any way yet which harbors everything within itself.

Only then will your journey to find yourself begin evolving into experiencing what you really are.

It will be at the point where the contrasts merge and neutralize themselves, the point beyond any description.

What awaits us there is all that is, and it has endless patience.