How much access do we allow each other, sensually, emotionally, intellectually, and intuitively?

A healthy communication between people, especially between opposing genders, comes about by being accessible.

You can only reach out when you are accessible.

Our body receives and processes information through its network of senses. Attaining pleasure, delight, joy, fervor, and vibrancy through another person happens by giving permission to this other person for access. How much permission do we give this partner to access by means of our senses?

Are we aware that we construct barriers against ourselves?

Granting emotional access allows someone else to empathize with you. We constantly complain about how we are never understood by others, but how willing and consenting are we toward this?

Opening ourselves for free access in all dimensions is like diving into an infinite ocean.

There are no barriers to prevent you from accessing existence through a journey filled with amusement, joy, and pleasure! Shift your mind’s focus from the pain in the current scene and create a free space in your accessible area. You’ll find “pleasure” then fills you all by itself.

Only once you are genuinely accessible is it possible to see, feel, embrace, and own the mercy and grace that flows like a healing light, during every moment and every second.