First of all, go alone if you can. If you really need to, only take your partner. But you should definitely not take the kids, because the concept of a “reset” does not go well with children.
Next, get close to nature, whether it’s by the sea or in the mountains. The basic concept is to find a quiet place close to nature, because nature helps you to open up to yourself.
You should also travel light with just the essentials. You definitely don’t want to be struggling with heavy luggage or wasting time on choosing which clothes to wear. Don’t be tempted to take books either. Sure, there may be a book you really want to read but never found the time, but this is a special vacation, and you will find plenty of other opportunities to catch up on your reading.
Newspapers, television, and social media are also forbidden. For this short time, you want to get away from everything. Even music should be kept to a minimum, so you can listen to nature as much as possible.
If your job doesn’t let you totally disconnect, designate special “connection times” and limit them to three times a day, such as morning, noon, and late afternoon. Don’t be tempted to check WhatsApp, because someone will phone with anything urgent. Trust me, your world will not collapse if you cut communication for three days. Enjoy every moment completely in the “here and now” and be aware of nature’s beauty with all your senses.
Take a break from all your worries and plans for the future as well. They will be waiting quietly for your return.
If possible, don’t drink alcohol, so you can be more aware of everything. Eat lightly, and let your body be as light as your soul.
The first day will be your relaxation day, a day of just “being” without worrying what to do. Set yourself free. If you want to be lazy, just be lazy. Sometimes it’s good to do nothing. Do whatever you want. You can go swimming or walking, but don’t push yourself. You’re not here to accomplish anything. Whatever you do, even when you’re doing nothing, be present with all your senses and live every moment fully without getting caught up in thoughts.
If you’re in the sea, swim like only the sky and the sea exist in your life at that moment. Be one with the sea, as if it completes you. Be aware of the different shades of blue, the salty smell, and the sound of the waves. Feel the sensations in your body and the buoyancy of the water. If you walk somewhere, feel your feet on the ground, hear the birds in the tree and the wind in the leaves, and see all nature’s colors. Be there with all your being and all your senses, trying to experience as much as possible for as long as possible.
Eat and drink slowly, savoring and enjoying every bite and sip. After all, what’s the hurry?
Your thoughts will always come of course, because that’s the way our minds work, but you don’t have to get lost in them. Let them come and go like the clouds in the sky. Follow them without getting involved, as if you’re watching them in a movie. Things like paying next month’s bills, finding a guitar teacher for your son, and being overlook for an important meeting can be allowed through without needing to chase them. Become aware that you’re thinking irrelevant things and bring yourself back to the present. I call this “meditating through life,” and it is an everyday adaptation of the popular “mindfulness” techniques. It might not be so easy at first, but just be kind to yourself and do your best. It will add a little richness to your life experience.
The next two days are “review” days. Continue to just “be,” but also set some time to review your life. Look at your relationships and your friendships. Identify the things that steal your energy and establish what makes you happy. What do you do in a week? Have a total clean out for your life, dusting off everything that’s not needed. Be brave and make a decision if you have a relationship that you continue out of habit or a fear of loneliness. It’s time to end any fruitless friendships that steal your energy.
Look at how you can revise your days. How can you add more things that make you happy? How can you minimize the things that steal your energy and pull you down? Try to delegate the things you don’t like to do, or maybe ask yourself if you can eliminate them from your life altogether. Make a list of things that make you happy but which you can never find the time for. See how you can include more of them in your daily routine.
Feel the lightness of being ….
I could go a step further and suggest even starting the reset process before your vacation. Use the week before to catch up on emails, organize your files, and discard the things you don’t need. Start your vacation lighter, and during your three days off, as you continue to lighten your load, review and revise.

Yanina Milena Vilkosevski Kiral