You say, “The government says we are safe,” but I don’t feel safe at all. Our lives are in danger, so what’s going to happen to us?
In the most basic sense, trust is defined as the feeling of believing and connecting without fear, restraint, or hesitation.
Throughout your entire life, nothing and no one would be able to provide such a thing for you if you took the above definition literally. Trust is not about the outside world—it comes from within. It’s a state of mind that grows with each new experience.
Trust does not just appear over time. It’s something that does not develop in relation to the behaviors of others. You cannot learn to trust through relationships. On the contrary, you were already born with infinite trust within you.
Think of it like having a generous balance in your bank account when you are born. These funds are then spent by a thought system that is programmed with expectation, which was created by your subconscious perceiving a need for necessities through your every experience.
The pain you suffer does not come from lacking the feeling of trust. This pain is rooted in the gradual expenditure and waste of trust. The subsequent disappointment is why you feel threatened. You can’t say to a person, “I don’t trust you,” because it would be meaningless.  You cannot be in a relationship or participate in any sort of system where trust is absent. If you’re still involved in something, then trust must still be there in some form. There may be crises related to trust, but it never entirely vanishes.
Trust is a notion that belongs to the Creator. It’s completely divine. How can you not place trust in all the things that came from his will and expression, from the same place you came from and will one day return to?
You trusted your mother and father, who gave life to your body.  Do you believe you had other options when you were a vulnerable, developing fetus? You trusted people to look after you as you grew up. You trusted your teachers at school to teach you how to read and write, otherwise you would still be illiterate. You trusted your first sweetheart when you fell in love. You trusted your friends and shared your deepest secrets with them. When you first voted or expressed a political preference, it was an expression of trust as well. You trusted in your system of laws to address the legal issues you came across. If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t have made progress in these experiences. Trust was also there when you bought your first car, a house, or some land, as well as when you married the mother or father of your children. Thinking you lack trust will do you no good. If you really have courage, face the reality that you still trust, despite all the betrayals, all the injuries you’ve suffered, and your fragile nature.
Trust is not a notion that is shaped by your personal perceptions or affected by a person, a community, or a system. Accept this first!
Trust is being able to say, “The Creator knows why this happens,” even if in your world of personal perception, it may seem like horrible things are happening. If acres of land were scorched barren, not a single animal or tree would complain about it, nor would the earth or the sky. Is not the Creator in your mind the same one that we trust with His science, His power, and His affection?
If you want a world where everybody is at peace and the air is filled with trust, change your perception right now. Focus on how you can still trust despite all your perceived vulnerabilities. End the adrenaline addiction that you have fed by making up disaster scenarios in your head. In such scenarios, you are as responsible as a victim as you would be the perpetrator. You attack those around you, embodying and supporting the notion of terror with your words. You subconsciously empower the energy frequency of situations that you would prefer not to exist by taking a side and dividing, punishing, and tearing apart the judgmental part of your mind.
Silence, patience, acceptance, and sadness rise from a mature conscious. Mature people turn to prayer and reflection. They take responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, and actions. They address the fear and chaos of their inner worlds in their own private way with God. They continue to give trust without reservation, because they know that what they give and what they take are in truth the same.
With love and trust…

SATH School of Consciousness