We are at a time when beauty will save the world, yet, beauty is in danger all around the world.

In our own country of Turkey, partly because of the country’s own destiny, we began experiencing it before everyone else. But everywhere, loveless rulers frown down and use sharp words. They give brutal looks and behave crudely. In short, they are ugly.

They say beauty is a relative concept. This is true to an extent, because different locations, times, and cultures have various aesthetic norms. Musical notes, brush strokes, sculptures, statues, and all the harmonies we know might have enjoyed their most beautiful phase in a different place and time.

Poetry is different, though. Paintings of happiness and musical styles may differ with the times, but words never change.

And yet we live in such an era that it is hard to celebrate happiness and beauty, and also we don’t feel like it either due to the pressures of self-censorship.

We have two choices: We can either trust in the transience of this conjuncture, waiting for the days when we can once again praise happiness and beauty. Such a time will surely come.

Alternatively, we can hasten the arrival of these days by inviting them.

Without art and joy, without freedom of thought and belief, beauty cannot survive. Today, all around the world, joy, art, and freedom are under pressure and beauty is struggling to survive.

Social media is a nightmare—everyone is angry and people alienate each other. They are enemies of originality and freedom, so it seems like everyone is against beauty.

Watching videos where animals show love and affection, we try to inhale beauty. We should make an effort to revive beauty and make our world and our lives beautiful again.

We will need it once these current days are over. And we need it to arrive quickly.

That’s why we should go beyond the self-censorship we created for ourselves due to societal and government pressure. Although our rulers are loveless, joyless, artless enemies of freedom, always trying to diminish beauty, we should still praise love, joy, art, freedom, and beauty.

Beauty will save the world, and this will happen by loving everyone, all of humanity.

Let’s meet at this beauty.