So, do you think you’re different? Do you think you are better than any other being?

So, do you think you’re different? Do you think you are better than any other being?

Not at all? But you are a unique part of creation and the whole being.

You have the simple perfection of a cell.

The wholeness cannot exist without you, neither can you be whole without it.

You carry the entire universe within you, and the universe embraces you.

You are a child of space and time, which is the core secret of creation.

You live now and then. You do not exist in the past, just as you do not in the future.

The only reality is the now with unity.

Read! Just Read! Read your book.

The universe is the greatest book of all time, and you are the main chapter.

Every creation is a page with infinite lines on it. It never ends, and the more you read it, the more that appears. It is written with the ink of immense oceans and a pen of perpetual stars.

The end of every word is the beginning of another, and they are all connected with an alluring harmonic rhyme.

Each and every letter is perfectly scripted and absolutely necessary.

Read it with your heart rather than your eyes, though. A heart made of pure glass is the only vision you need. Do not be afraid, though, because it can neither be broken nor cracked.

Only with this crystal-clear heart can you travel in the spaces between the words and lines.

This is the space of unity, where all words are meaningless, and only light shines there, light that will pass through your clear and open heart.

Read that light and see what universe* means. Read the book of light and understand where you came from. Read your book and be aware of what you were made from.

What you are made of is me, and what I am made of is you, so there is no you and me but only we.

Only we can be, and we contain the entire unity.

Look no further and seek no more. Just read your book and feel the unity. Just feel your book and read the unity.

If you cannot, just be, until you return to the One.

* The word comes from the Latin Universus, meaning “combined into one, whole”, from uni- (one) and versus (turned toward)