Well, this isn’t likely what you where expecting but hopefully I got your attention.
Do(o)…(have)…b(i)e. We live in a world today where the marketing guru’s are always bombarding us, from the most overt to the most subtle of ways. To persuade us to purchase something, anything, and more of it, please. And since WWII, they have gone far past marketing to our basics needs. Today, nothing is sacred in marketing, rather, everything is fair game.
They seduce us with desire; they are masters of selling the sizzle of the steak. Their goal is to make us have to have “that”! “What do I need to do to have it?” “I want that.” “I need that”. “Wouldn’t that be nice to have?” “God, I wish I had that!” Think about it, every time you purchase something, that marketing department won out over their competitors marketing department in the domain of having. I am not suggesting going without but I am wanting you to become aware of what you are doing.
Remember Nike’s famous tag line, just do it? Com’on, you can do it…give it more, give it your all. Whatever it takes, do it! Do more. Do it better. Do it faster. Do it different. Really, if you will just do it you will have it, figure it out! Doing and having are like a dog chasing it’s tail. Somehow, the dog never can catch it’s tail. Somehow, all the doing in the world will never get you to the place of having the right; stuff, house, car, job, partner, toys, vacation…you have to keep doing because the having is short lived.
And after all the doing, all the having, someday, maybe, if you play your cards right, the stars are in alignment, your ship comes in, the Gods of prosperity shine on you, you can just be. “Oh God, to just be able to be…I can’t imagine”.
Doing is ego. Having is ego. It is when you have the awareness of who you are that you transform your life. You are an Infinite Spiritual Being having a human adventure; a Creator. This knowing gives you the awareness of your Beingness. You want to create a life you love? Then create your Beingness first. Beingness gives context to your life. Beingness is the Power to respond into your life. Doing is reacting to life. I created my-Self to Be Passion, Purpose and Power. This gives the context of how I live my life. This gives me the Power to respond into my life. This gives me the anchors, context and Power to Create my life be-cause I say so. Beingness has me Creating a life I love and living into a future, I assure you, I was never going to have. Beingness gives cause to what you do and what you want to have in life. The secret to life: Be, do, have. Stop chasing your tail.