When we look at the origin of the word abundance, we see it comes from the word abound (abundare in Latin, meaning “overflow”). So then, how did we come to represent the word abound in our conscious? Did we use it to describe something present in great quantity, more so than we would ever need, or did we use it to represent something larger than it needs to be? In a way, by activating the codes for abundance, we maintain our lives.

If you want to participate in this experience, you’ll need to open up a large imaginary world. We can then look around together, and by looking at three questions, we can decrypt the codes for abundance…

When you’re ready, take a deep breath and we’ll begin.

Open, Codes. Open!

1- Can we create abundance in any environment, especially in times of severe deprivation? Code Words: I approve of my unlimited, eternal being.

2- Does the richest person in the world create abundance? Code Words: I am escaping the jail of money. I am freeing myself!

3- Can we create abundance by freeing it from the human mind? Code Words: I accept that I am an unlimited divine being in the New Conscience and leaving the human figure behind.

1- Can we create abundance in every environment, especially in times of severe deprivation? How can I approve of my unlimited, eternal being?

In my opinion, this is a very powerful catalyst for attracting all our possible potentials to our lives. If you allow it, an infinite number of your potentials will flow into your life experiences, and abundance is one of these.

The feeling of deprivation comes at the point where dreams and compassion become extinct. Is there a difference between deprivation and poverty? Yes, there certainly is. Being deprived means falling into the life of the lower worlds. It shows itself in every area, such as deprivation in love, deprivation of health, deprivation in relationships, and so on, while poverty is a state of experience. Poverty is a seed that helps us escape the human mind. It spreads and grows by isolating itself from all illusions. Prophet Muhammad summed it up by saying, “I am proud of my poverty.”

Poverty is beyond doubt the best condition to help the mind leave deprivation behind. When the mind does not perceive abundance, it believes itself deprived, while in fact, the conscience is not penetrating into the deprivation of the mind with the humbleness of poverty, so it does not realize its essence. The mind distances itself from its own essence by regarding both deprivation and abundance as elements of its own deprivation.

Is Abundance the Poverty Miracle of the Divine?

Poverty means that the conscience attracts abundance by releasing all its experiences and allowing them to return to the source. The conscience does not polarize its experiences into rich and poor ones, because it has no sense of belonging and doesn’t own the deprivation. In a way, you could think of this as God expressing Himself. By making a journey from obscurity (poverty) toward awareness (abundance), something participates in existence (as an entity). Someone who realizes this therefore intends to surmount deprivation. This is also the undefinable state of ecstasy (being enraptured) before proceeding to abundance, the abundance of infinitely experiencing yourself.

Each moment of perceived deprivation actually indicates our betrayal to our essence. God is experiencing his greatest dream for this universe, namely being human. If this dream finds someone to receive it, someone who lives with awareness, it leads to a life of abundance. If it cannot find anybody receptive enough, however, its potential is muffled in people’s minds and becomes the energy for deprivation.

So, God watches us from the sky and grants abundance to whomever he chooses! But what happens when abundance turns from a God-sent phenomenon into one where people open themselves up to their infinite potentials? Instead of God watching us, we start to watch God. What’s more, we do this without mentioning money, which is the only abundance that society believes in. We do this as individuals awakened to our own infinite potential. In fact, the feeling of deprivation is reinforced based on neediness and a perceived lack of human capability. In one way or another, the idea is planted into our minds that we should find everything limited, so we are blocked from seeing the real abundance. We need to create our own awareness of the universe’s abundance from the divine infinity, or we should escape money’s overwhelming power over us by exiling it from its exclusive role in abundance. We can either be the target of those imagining or the figurant of those wishing. The choice is largely up to us.

The Difference between Imagining and Wishing!

For those who believe they are restricted, the general tendency is to wish for whatever they’ve been indoctrinated to want. Society has tweaked this in fine style, and wishing is a mental process if it becomes expectation. A deadline is set for a wish’s realization, and covenants are drawn up. When a wish is made without expectation, society tells us it is not so desirable.

The matter underlying the deepest point of non-expectation relates to being confident that our souls will deliver whatever we need. Keeping this confident feeling always in the conscience helps us steady our course, so solutions will automatically come to us. This is also the feeling you get when you surrender to the Universe. In other words, to wish for nothing is a much braver step than a wish with expectation. This is very important, because submission to the universe ceases our wishes and desires and allows the solution to come of its own accord. This submission to the universe is therefore a crucial step in escaping the mass mindset.

On the other hand, there is a point that I regard as essential. We can fall into a trap of creativity once we realize its infinity. Of course, this situation relates closely to how we attribute abundance to external powers rather than creating it ourselves. Specifically, when the creative energy stimulates our potentials, and if this is used only with a sense of mind, it transforms an energy that inflicts chaotic episodes on the world. Nevertheless, it is a very smart energy, so it can balance itself, but in combination with the human mind, its results can involve considerable drama. Let’s now build on this with an example question.

What’s the Difference between a Time Bomb and a Volcano?

If we think of the mind as the time bomb (because it is estranged from the source, inexperienced with abundance, and has deprivation energy) and the conscience as the volcano (because it has self-experience and abundance energy), I think we have already explained the first of their differences. The time bomb is the deprivation energy that manipulates the essence, and it plans to explode at some predetermined time. The volcano, on the other hand, is the abundance energy of an aware conscious. It will erupt by itself, and the timing of this is unpredictable. Think of it this way, while the time bomb directly interferes with free will in unnatural ways, the volcano acts without interfering with free will, letting it follow its natural stream.

The mind perceives the bomb as a form of power and seeks to own it. Without realizing that this creation illusion is just part of its potential, it moves into deprivation.

The world has already stopped its creation because of those who interfere with the free will of others by owning their creations and governing them. The profound meaning of this is that once we accept that we are unrestricted, we become an infinite awareness and our own potentials flow like a volcano. We therefore become free of deprivation (the human mind) by accepting that abundance is the love of Godly experience through our higher selves.

Becoming aware of this acceptance then frees our potential and enables the experience of all creations. This is the source expressing itself through creations, which leads to abundance manifesting in every environment and every situation. It also leads to an uprising of the self as the human conscience reaches an awareness of its essence/source/soul and finds expression and experience in its own uniqueness. This is not the work of the mind but rather of the higher self.

“I am myself” is a magical phrase that evokes the dreamer (the higher self). We are not deprived of anything, and accepting that we are the source is very important in this sense. If the source is the essence of humanity, it is time to pierce the illusion that restricts our minds. At the moment of accepting that we are not restricted, we begin our journey through the illusion. This is also the first step in knowing ourselves and accessing abundance. Accordingly, it will bring light to the matter, as emphasized by the teachings of Sufism.

Those Who Know Themselves Know God

We can give examples in phrases such as “One who knows oneself knows how to manifest abundance” and “One who knows himself knows that everything he practices is whatever he previously imagined.” We could also say, “One who knows himself knows that he is ‘ONE’ with the Creator.” The person’s master will then begin to confide all its secrets. One who knows oneself, being an essence of his lord, makes choices in each situation and allows abundance to come to him or her. This ends the illusion of abundance and opts for an unrestricted, infinite existence instead…

2- Does the richest person in the world create abundance? I am escaping the jail of money. I am freeing myself!

The richest person in the world may create goods and chattel, property and wealth, but is that really abundance? Of course it isn’t. Having property is a major trap that deceives individuals and leads them into an illusion. On top of this, trying to protect your belongings exacerbates the matter. In general, it’s the misers who have so much property and money. This is not a bad thing, and it can even be fantastic, but it’s not abundance.

Abundance is being aware of blessing flowing of its own accord. It is a state where there is no need to protect, no need to be concerned, and no need to struggle to obtain things. Existing in abundance on its own accord means freeing ourselves from all feelings and thoughts that block rather than serve our lives. We can best express this with the sense of deprivation, because this tries to disrupt our own power and make us dependent on external factors. This is clearly not helpful. On the other hand, someone without money can live in abundance. Such people can experience real abundance by overcoming their fear of survival and having an unworried mind. Sooner or later, material wealth will come to these people of its own accord.

After reading all this, you’re probably wondering if there’s some practice or method to reach this abundance?

Unlock Abundance with the Monkey Method!

We can unlock the abundance with the Monkey Method. The word “monkey” refers to certain primates, and it resembles the word “money.” If we split the word into “Mon-Key,” it represents a key that opens all doors. When you repeat “I am Mon-Key” 33 times in your mind, all doors will be opened wide. It’s that simple—or is it?

Putting the jokes aside, my real answer is no, there’s no magical practice. If our original intention is to reach abundance, we have an issue with the source. If we do not understand that abundance already exists, we restrict it and ring fence it. Abundance is on the tip of our tongues. Just say, “I choose abundance. I am abundance.” See how simple it is? This is enough to visualize it. The things we try to create will then just be extensions of abundance. If you tried to create something that already exists, it would be nothing but an illusion. When we allow abundance to serve us, it becomes manifest in all matters, but especially in love.

Abundance, as I have stated and emphasized many times, does not refer merely to money. Abundance is an energy that manifests itself in relationships, health, business, self-regard, art, love, and nature, as well as material wealth. There is an abundance of infinite love, and any person realizing this steps into their own infinity and frees themselves from the money prison.

3- Can we create abundance by freeing it from the human mind? I accept that I am an infinite divine being in the “New Conscience” and leaving the human figure behind. 

For me, abundance is the creative energy that takes action once we understand that we are infinite beings. Consequently, when we do not accept that we are infinite beings, we cannot tune in to this abundance energy.

When we are restricted, we suppress our creativity with feelings of inadequacy and insignificance, and we do not love ourselves. There is only one reality, however, and we should know that we already live in an infinite abundance. The world in which we live, with its restrictions and repeating cycles, has overburdened its capacity for creation. Since it could not think beyond the deprivation mindset, it mimicked the old energy pattern by painting illusions over a dead world. It is all a massive illusion.

But if this is the case, how can we look past the illusion? You can do it by being an renewed individual, allowing yourself to experience the new state of conscience, and being open to love.

Experience Abundance in the New Conscience

Once we accept our infinitude, we start to create abundance energy in the “New Conscience” without any other catalyst. Abundance is not a need and never will be—it is our divine extension. If we cannot realize the secret of abundance, we cannot continue our creation. We become loveless beings, and consequently, we sever our connection with the infinite source. Only people who open themselves to abundance can reconnect with God and continue their creation. It starts when the human figure begins to comprehend his or her infinitude.

Humanity is able to restart creation, yet it often agrees with being deprived of abundance in its current state. All creations are parts of our potentials. We could even say that all these creations are our fate, just waiting to be experienced.

Whether you want to call it God, The Source, The Creator, The Self, or whatever, it is our reality and its energy never changes. It reaches to eternity and forms our existence as our essence. In short, it is our imaginative part, starting at our whole and ranging to the One. Can we accept that we are in fact the source? Can we accept all responsibility for our lives by ending the pattern of dependency we create by thinking that God or The Source acts on our behalf? Can we allow ourselves to experience abundance together with our souls without doubting ourselves? Can we believe that we are love itself?

You cannot answer all these questions mentally, because the point is not meant to be understood that way. The logic of the mind is worth nothing here, because it always chooses the limited option from the expectations. This is how humanity walks all over its own free will.

Free Will is Being Dissolved by the Manipulation of the Mind!

We are used to hearing that our planet Earth is a planet of free will. They say that unless we allow it, no one can take it away. If you’re persuaded by this, you probably have no idea about your own free will. For this reason, we also cannot talk about abundance. We do not need to protect ourselves, because we magnificently do it with our own minds. Unaware of the mass mindset attacking our wills, we have led loveless lives for centuries. We have strived to maintain our lives with limited energy and distanced ourselves from our essence. We opened ourselves to manipulation by making our own decisions and creations to help the mass mindset. How many people can honestly say that they breathe out of free will? How many people realize what they could create with their own free will? How many know that abundance can proliferate unconditionally and without judgment just by loving themselves?

How much longer will we feed our minds with our own hand, so it can continue to attack our free will?

Everybody lives with the expectation of one day having abundance. They inwardly wish for abundance in this lifetime, but it’s time to tear down this belief. It’s time to unlock abundance by being real creators with self-energy…

Abundance will manifest when we allow ourselves to enter The Source, the self-energy or the spirit, with unconditional love. The simplest way to do this is to trust that we are infinite and spread unconditional love. I don’t know if it is necessary to repeat this, but abundance is nothing other than unconditional love. Abundance is the state of pure conscience that does not make judgments. When people reach this higher conscience, they stop trying to define themselves based on money and assets.

It is high time to accept that abundance serves us. Abundance already exists, so it should not be so difficult, right? Let’s imagine ways to free ourselves from the expectation that abundance involves some form of money.

Now, relax and absorb these words by dismissing the human figure that is your mind…

Emancipation from Money

İmagine that abundance comes to us, and it is unrestricted by nature. Move to abundance, the home of the infinite God conscience, from the limited human mind. Become silent, and pretty soon, you will connect to the home of The Source as it calls out to you… Don’t be afraid, because this is your real home, the home of your heart. It is your point of ascension. Welcome!

“Thank you. Who are you?”

—“I am the manifested power of Pure Conscience. I came to tell you to stop defining abundance through money.”

“Okay, so can you tell me why money, which is a product of abundance, was created?”

—“Recall that The Source is yourself. Money was a catalyst to bring balance to your limited dualistic conscience. However, when this became controlled by too many people, the balance was lost and your creations could not be free. Creating through money was an indication of your passion to The Source, but once you attributed a meaning to this, it transformed into bargaining and became a toy for the mass mindset. Now, take a deep breath and get ready to start a journey together with me.”


—“Allow yourself to remember the state of money when it first emerged. This knowledge is recorded in your DNA. And please, remember not to describe it as historical information, and do not imagine it mentally either. I want you to think multidimensionally.”

“Could it have been the design of the first creator?”

—“You’re close.”

—“When the second creation, namely the human mind, restricted this design with illusions instead of experience, the concept of money was distorted to illusions and became distanced from creativity. It started to lose its creative value and became rarer. So much power was then placed on it, it became the god of the material world. Instead of perceiving their own divinity, people started to worship the Gods of the mass mindset. Money therefore came to limit the freedom of individuals.”

“I suppose this distraction caused us to distance ourselves from our essence. We were hindered by dualistic Gods extending across the illusions.”

—“Well then, what was the intention behind people worshiping Gods rather than realizing their own divinity?”

“I think it was so they would not realize the phenomenon of being multidimensional. As long as we are attached to the illusion on this planet, we cannot recognize our own eternity. We therefore cannot open ourselves to the pure conscience, and we cannot talk about love.”

“If we take all this into consideration, did we wander from abundance because our attention was distracted on purpose? Was this related to matters of duty? Throughout our long history, while everything came easily and abundantly into our experiences with our choices, did we decide to become restricted beings? Did we sentence ourselves to have deprived minds?”

—“In your opinion, why is your multidimensional thinking like this? Why do you use the term distraction? Is money a distraction for you? Let’s stop this now.”

—“Now that you have approached the subject multidimensionally, let’s continue from this point and closely review why you have not created abundance in this dimension. First, there is the concept of rivalry, and greed for wealth is a unique power in this dimension. There is no love in this dimension, so you cannot create something permanent with the low energies available. Nothing ever satisfies you. As you see, it is a far cry from first-hand creation and the pure conscience. It is the same as refusing your own divinity.”

—“You keep waiting for something to increase its value as it antiquates on Earth. This creates an immobile energy that is also restricted. This leads to people overidentifying themselves with objects and therefore covering their essences. Similarly, money also represents an immobile, static energy when it is kept and hoarded. The clear intention here is to avoid being deprived one day, because the system subconsciously tells you, “One day, you may lose everything.” The experiences of the spirit were hushed up, and people were indoctrinated with the fear of loss. This made them all fall asleep for centuries, so they could be easily dominated and forced to pay taxes.

“So then, how can we reverse it and really experience abundance?”

—“You must change the meaning you have attributed to it. Think of abundance as your passion rather than just as money. When you free abundance from the energy of money, your material neediness will end of its own accord. Everything you need will come to hand.

—“When you reread my previous examples about money with a new point of view, you will see how they are the same thing. For example, observe how people are cowardly when it comes to love. Watch how they accumulate deep inside themselves and how they behave because of their fear of loss.”

—“Next, apply the same thing to health, as well as relationships. As soon as you allow your conscience to shift from one of deprivation to one of abundance, you will be motivated by an energy that will magically affect your life. What’s more, while doing this, do not linger in the serious energy too long. The energy of joy and bliss always attracts the energy of abundance.”

“I like this. So, I choose abundance blissfully, but on the other hand, I would like to define money in a different way. When I hear the word ‘money,’ it loses all its significance for me, and the situation becomes serious. Basically, it loses its magic.”

—“And what do you want to call it?”

“I’d like to call it ‘crystal’ instead.”

—“I think you’ve already begun to feel something. In the future, crystals will actually replace money. Now, if we return to the form in which money emerged, you see how it is relevant to crystals. If you consider your essence as a crystal as well, how can you increase your vibration and render your energy crystal? In the New Energy, it is referred to as self-energy, and it involves recognizing your own divinity without doubt. This allows you to shift to crystallization and return to your essence.”

“In this case, I can allow myself to become crystal and radiate in the New Conscience again. I am My-Self.”

“I am the ONE. I am the pure conscience of abundance. I am the manifestation of love. I introduce myself like this, but I came to this point by allowing my restricted mind to ascend to the infinite God conscience, so I became abundance itself.”

“I am a poor abundance goddess given form by a combination of human and God.”

“If so, let it be so.”