The notion of responsibility only forms once you free yourself from feelings of guilt. When feelings of guilt are lodged within your personality, all your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors develop as defensive or offensive reactions. No matter the subject or experience, you would always have a reason, something to escape from. When such a mind is in complete chaos, it couldn’t be further from the truth of being One.
Feeling guilt is a poisonous secretion that prevents you from taking self-responsibility. It often shows itself as an attack or a retreat. This is the mystery behind all your sorrow. Although it may seem like all your experiences have damaged and battered you, the conscious and subconscious choices you made belong entirely to you. This is precisely why you continue to feel increasingly guilty. Guilt is sneaky, so it doesn’t reveal its traits. It provides plenty of signals for unreliability and insecurity, holding you back from embarking on a journey. Many times, it makes you feel lost. Unless the notions of inside and outside, you and everyone else, unite in your mind, salvation is impossible.
Wherever there’s salvation, there’s also responsibility. You would not even consider doing something to another person that you wouldn’t want to experience yourself. You wouldn’t project outside the inner factors you consider to be threats. All the behavioral patterns that are based on thinking “As long as I’m okay” then collapse and the system of “As long as we are okay” begins to work. Responsibility is the conscience of being one, the most supreme condition of the mind. The equivalent in the Shahada is “La ilahe ill’allah,” meaning there is no god but God and referring to the oneness of God. If God is one, and if we are a part of God, how can we be apart from each other? How can I request something for myself but not for you? How can I blame you for something while defending myself? How can I consider harming you? How can I hurt you when I know that any harm done to you is also inflicted on me?
I am responsible for all I see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. In this state of mind, being responsible makes you aware. You are always awake and make all your choices by considering everything you perceive while embracing the whole.
The root of guilt in your mind is sexual in nature. Your entire programming is filled with viruses that affect your perceptions of gender and sexuality. You don’t have to live with these, but choosing to live with them is nothing but an escape from responsibility.
Everything you consider yourself responsible for is not the same as the self-responsibility I’m talking about. When you consider something to be a burden, completing the task reluctantly, everything feels heavy and you’d rather shake it all off. This is definitely not self-responsibility.
A responsible mind knows well what the notion of human rights is. It never hesitates in its fairness and justice. Such a mind is never outside the One, and most importantly, such a mind never tries to be.
Salvation from Samsara (a wandering existence) is only possible by being responsible. You can only be set free and be independent when you stop creating karma.

SATH School of Consciousness