Hey guys,
The whole world is talking about this self-help and self-development stuff, so let’s start with the basics. The word self refers to something that belongs to a particular person and only that person. Development means to experience and use those experiences to mature in thoughts. Now, if this is self-help, why do so many people keep trying to help us? When are they going to let us develop by ourselves?
If this is really self-help, please stop writing thousands of books and giving all those workshops and courses. Give me a break, and then maybe I can develop. I’ll never develop if I’m reading all your books constantly. You market them all so attractively, so I find myself reading them. Just let me live!
Now we’ve defined what self-help is, let’s look at what it tries to give us. It just tries to give us an understanding, a new form of understanding. Understanding changes proportionally as your awareness expands, and awareness itself is just a result of perception.
When you look at a lemon and see a fruit, it’s a perception. If you see a delicious fruit, that’s a deeper perception. If you see a delicious fruit that’s healthy to eat, it’s an even deeper perception.
In brief, awareness is just being aware of something to some level of depth. As you gain a deeper awareness of life, your understanding grows proportionally. A deeper awareness provides a deeper understanding.
The deepest understanding ever is love. You’re probably thinking, “Pfff, that’s so lame. Tell us something we don’t know!”
I’m sure you know about love. After all, who the hell doesn’t know about love? Still, I guess we need to talk about it a bit.
Even though we all know love, there must be something different and worthwhile for the masters to have talked about it through the ages.
I believe that we all feel this emotion for a while, but it’s not really easy to live in that emotion completely.
So let’s start talking about Love.
You say, “I adore flowers. Oh, what a lovely red rose!” but then what the hell?
You’ve cut the rose off its stem and killed it. You then put it in your hair. Congratulations. That’s not really love. What kind of love kills something.
Ask such people if they would kill a cat, and they’ll probably get mad at you and call you crazy? This is exactly what I’m talking about. They would never kill a cat, but they can happily kill a flower, because their understanding of living things is limited. They think mammals are the only things that have life.
Love doesn’t restrict someone either.
I love my girlfriend so much, so much that I wouldn’t share her with anybody. I won’t even let her go out with her friends. Hello! Is this love? Of course not, it’s just an addiction.
Let’s look at both love and addiction.
You love birds, so you feed them when they come to your window. You even buy a pack of birdseed, but they don’t come back for a month. When they eventually return, are you going to give them a hard time about it?
You say you love your girlfriend, but she hasn’t called you for a couple of days, so you immediately start worrying whether everything is okay. This is pure addiction.
Being connected and being addicted are two very different things.
Love makes you feel closely connected to someone. If that someone goes away and you feel disturbed, it’s an addiction. Love doesn’t make you addicted—it frees you.
This addiction comes from fear, so the addiction is masking a problem instead of finding an inner solution for it.
You now know what I mean by “understanding.” It’s the ability to love.
All these books, courses, workshops are just so you can love and love deeper.
But who the hell doesn’t love? We all work hard at this.
The greatest form of spirituality and the best self-help is love.
The main problem, however, is that spirituality is being misrepresented, namely that there are two groups in the world: those who are spiritual and those who are not.
How the hell can this be possible? Do they not know what spiritual means. My dictionary defines the word spiritual as “of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit.” Can you show me anyone who doesn’t have a spirit? Actually, even this is not so true. We don’t have a soul. We have a body, and we are soul. Do you see what I mean?
You are not a body, and you don’t have a soul. You are a soul, and you have a body. Remember this!
In fact, you have no other option than to be spiritual, so why is there even a word for it? How did it come about?
It came into being because some people imagined that practicing yoga, chanting, fasting, praying, wearing weird clothes, and growing a beard was spiritual in some way.
But what about the other group that gets frustrated with the “spiritual” group, the materialists.
You all need to realize this truth. A very spiritual person can suddenly become very materialistic. Likewise, a very materialistic person can also suddenly become very spiritual. You can never predict it, because it just needs awareness.
In fact, we all have spiritual and materialistic elements inside us. It’s just that one sometimes outweighs the other. We’re all seeking the ultimate balance, and one day we’ll find it. The main thing is to patiently wait for everyone to be balanced one day.
So, spirituality is not something extraordinary. It’s just loving and loving deeper.
Riding the feelings from the heart and appreciating its joy is something very spiritual, just as spiritual as fasting. Spirituality isn’t just about religious or mystical rituals. It’s made up of everything that comes from the heart with love.