I’ve recently been reading The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford, may she rest in peace. It’s been out for years, but I decided now was the time for me to read it. What a magnificent book it is. Such knowledge it holds. You know the words: “Whatever it is that we hate in someone else is in fact something we hate to see in ourselves.” In her books, Debbie Ford explains these phenomena beautifully and in such vivid detail.

Dear friends, it’s clear that if someone else’s attitude affects you, if it raises emotions like anger, repulsion, and rage, then it certainly reflects an aspect of yourself that you refuse to acknowledge.

For the last few days, I’ve been honoring the dishonorable in me—the son of a bitch, the thief, the rapist, and the tyrant within—because it’s easy to find what I refuse to see. I log into any news site and within moments, I get to the root of it all. I look and find that even though only a small proportion of the horror exists within me, I have repressed it to avoid confronting it. I accept it wholly and hug it. I embrace the villain within me and tell him, “Hey, Hasan! Look at yourself! Look at what a crook you’ve been!” It gives me such peace of mind that it’s hard to explain.

Purification does not mean being free from something, and it certainly doesn’t mean getting rid of it. It simply means accepting it. The more we accept, the closer we become. The closer we become, the more we become One. The more we become One, the more we come to exist.

Altogether then, let’s learn to accept and honor all those things we refuse…