Plato said, “Do not try to endear yourself to anyone! The only thing to do is to surrender to being loved. What matters is not to own the most stuff but rather to need the least possible.”

I realize that since childhood, I have exhausted myself in my struggle to be loved by my mom, my pop, and other people around me. The more exhausted I became, the more insignificant I made my own riches.

Asking the eye that does not see to notice me, the ear that does not listen to hear me, and the heart that does not feel to love me was such a vain effort over all those years.

To reach the might of my lovable being, I apparently had to climb the love-me path. Fortunately, I was enlightened halfway up and awakened to the uniqueness, exclusiveness, significance, blessing, and wisdom of my loveable, adorable, worth-seeing, worth-knowing being.

Now, as wise Plato once said, I have surrendered myself to being loved by people who see, hear, feel, taste, smell, and know how to live.

I now understand the glory, the glory of the seas, the winds, fire, the earth, the being, and existence itself.

When the Creator cried, “I want to be known,” but was not heard or seen, he pulled Himself to his glory, still yearning to reveal His beauty and glory to us undead beings.

Shaking off the burden of being loveless and unappreciative through His glory shakes us as well, so we come to our senses about love, existence, and the value we place on the truth of our being.

There is blessing in the glory and glory in the blessing, like a pearl hiding within its clam!

Zü’l- Celal-i Ve’l İkram is one of the many names of the Creator in Islam. It emphasizes His might, greatness, timelessness, and generosity.


Do not get sucked up in the rage of the glory but rather bow down to it with respect, love, and honor, and listen to it, understand it, accept it, and acknowledge it, so it will show you the pearl within.

As Livaneli said, “Beauty will save the world. Everything begins with loving one person.”

I am not expecting to be loved, but I am surrendering myself to being loved!

I do this because I am loved already. I love, and I am protected and cared for. I am the apple of His eye, His light, His love, His sweetness, His sultan…

Your blessing and your remorse are all one.

Your glory and your beauty are one.

I do not plead to someone who cannot see, someone who does not value
(a sincere hail to Nesimi).

Some claim he’s mad, some say he’s a saint.
What each one sees, each one says!