If you presume your “old life” ended yesterday and your “new life” began today, cut in two as if by a knife stroke, you’re seriously wrong. If you do, you will encounter elements that trigger and show your internal darkness more than ever before.
Blaming others will cause you more trouble than before, because those who cannot accept responsibility are destined to be forever scratching their heads.
You are not obliged to keep people in your life. If you don’t want them, either leave them or let them go. You do not have to say things like, “They are my mirror. I look at them and understand.” You’re not even obliged to look in this mirror. Instead, just say, “Thank you for the things you showed me, but I prefer to turn my head toward enlightenment.” Then just walk away.
Anyway, no matter what you do, dismissing them will strain every nerve you have. You must conscientiously learn to say, “I did my utmost, but nothing happened,” before putting an end to the torture, or they will continue to work on your moral compass, deviously keeping you within your inner darkness as they hide their own darkness.
Which do you choose? You can be a beacon by giving out your light, or you can be condemned to your own darkness and suffer?