What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Is it yourself, your reflection, or do you merely see the mirror? Who is looking in the mirror? And who is looking out from the mirror at you? Are you the watcher or the watched? Is there really a difference?

Are you even brave enough to look in a mirror? How do you feel when you look in one? Do you really see yourself, or do you see someone you would like to see, a mere illusion. What is your illusion, and what does it tell you? Is it just a story or the truth? What is this story about? Listen carefully, and maybe this illusion will lead you to your reality. Look carefully, maybe this story will bring you to your reality, which may then lead you to your illusion. Which one is real? Your reality or your illusion? Whichever you believe in is your reality! Do you believe what you see? Do you really see what you see? What you see in the mirror is what you’ll get.

Are you brave enough to look yourself in the eye? How do you feel? Cheated? Disappointed? Fallen apart? Insecure? Can you look in the mirror and see the soul? Can you see your true being and greet your soul? Can you hear your spirit? What is it saying? Is your mind tranquil enough to hear it? Can you see your thoughts? Are they temporary? Oh, how easily they vanish. Can you figure out your physical body? How mortal it is. Can you see time in the mirror? How relative and tricky can it be? Can you see the past or even your own back? How delusional it is. Can you see the future or even what is ahead? How elusive they are, and do not forget, what you see may differ from what others see.

Can you see your other “you’s”? Can you see your personalities in their various tempers, your anger, your hate, your lust, your envy, your love, your passion, your compassion, your beliefs, your sins, your demons, your angels, and your evil and good deeds? Can you see and embrace the real you? What is inside the unseen and unexpected? How do you see yourself when no one else is looking? Who are you when the people in you are watching? Do you really care what others say about you? Do you really care what you say about you? How are you treating yourself, and how do you want to be treated?

Can you see the light in the mirror? Can you see your light in the mirror? This is the only reality my friend. The light is the only thing that creates the vision in the mirror. See nothing, hear nothing, be nothing, and just be, just be the light. Once you are the light, you’ll understand how the observer and the observed are both one and the same. Once you see this, you’ll feel like the mirror does not exist. It’s simply light that creates a vision of nothingness. Do not be afraid, though, this nothingness will lead you to Oneness. And this Oneness is where you came from and where you belong. You are the light beyond the mirror, and what you see in your light is the nothingness of Oneness.

With love, light, and glory…