Sun is God, because it gives life. The food is God, because it nourishes and the breath is God, too, because it keep us alive.
Parents are God, because they have created you. Friends are God, because they stand by you and so are the enemies, because they make you understand the right from wrong.
Guru is God, because he teaches you. The earth is God, because she supports. The sky is good, because it is unlimited and the nature is God, because it provides.
Is there anything that isn’t God?
You see, God is all about having a divine vision.


Strive too much and you will become enmeshed and bonded in myriad problems.
Strive too little and you will end up at the mercy of someone else.
To strive without striving is actually the wisdom.
To give up, before having it all, is really wise.

Life is in the Breath

The breath is distilled essence of life: if you breath like a horse – you will become one. If you pant like a dog – you will become one. If you breath like a yogi – you will become Godlike.
That’s why yogis practice Pranayama.
Pranayama is the beginning, middle and an end in yoga. There is no yoga without Pranayama, because Prana is life and Yoga it’s union to the source of life.

Franz Andrini