Many masters have made countless statements honoring the issue of money, but they all failed to address our aversion to it. We kept finding money vulgar and associating it with sinister or parasitical people, judging and ostracizing the wealthy while still turning green with envy.
We kept thinking we were in a classroom taking an examination. While some of us said, “Money will never come to me,” others took the attitude of, “What’s the good of money when it’s not used for good.” Yet more emphasized the belief that we should watch our incomes to make sure no ill-gotten gains could sneak in.

What the Heck was that Hasan Person Talking about?

I spotted something our beloved editor, Hasan “Sonsuz” Çeliktaş, posted on Facebook the other day. It caught my eye because the second word of the first sentence was “Sirius.” I read it and laughed. This was the post:
Take the Sirians, for example. Suppose they had the ability to cure any disease on their planet, yet they left the penniless Sirians to die, saying, “No offence, but the cure is far too expensive. You better raise some money or start planning your funeral.” I wonder if that kind of situation would happen anywhere other than planet Earth.
It seemed Hasan, once again, clearly had a bee in his bonnet about something, so he speculated about it and added this commentary, which has neither a beginning nor an end, to his wall. Then some people, true to form, didn’t hesitate before replying. I saw a few comments trying to rebuke the spiritual healers there. There were cruel, clueless, and judgmental replies. I’d usually laugh that kind of attitude away without commenting, because it’s not in my nature to do otherwise, but this time I decided not to let it pass. So, I scribbled something down, addressing the author by name, then someone else stepped in, followed by another,  then another, and our conversation had suddenly ran rampant.
Later on, I called Hasan to apologize for invading his wall and paving the way for the mayhem. To my surprise, he had been busy getting comfy for the football match while we were feverishly arguing on Facebook. Well done, he had done exactly what I should have done.
These thoughts I’ll mention took shape in my head just then.
Hasan posted the original comment because of a newspaper report about a child born with a hole in the heart that could easily be healed given sufficient money, and he was merely trying to emphasize the effect of money on our planet and the various attitudes of people toward it.
I recalled something I’d told one of my pupils many years ago. He’d gotten stuck on money and sexuality issues and unwittingly begun to separate himself from the Supreme Being. He was saying, “If I were God, I wouldn’t have either money or sexuality in the world, because they turn good people bad.”
A dialogue similar to the following took place. (It was more like a monologue, but anyway…)
Look, first of all, those things do not turn people bad; they just reveal the parts that are labeled “bad” because they refuse to accept those things also reside inside themselves too, or, more precisely, their judgmental aspects. Incidentally, money and sex have a lot in common. Both the lack and sufficiency of both can be powerful tools that offer a true maturing experience. They exist for this reason. The Supreme Being has willingly created sexuality, knowing full well of the consequences. He granted people the ability to create the concept of money for the very same reason.

How Come? How Could Money and Sexuality Share a Common Ground?

People expend a lot of effort to acquire both during times of deficiency, because both are considered factors of a healthy and fulfilling life, and they believe they need to keep and preserve them to avoid experiencing hardship again in the future.
Women, for example, always wanted (out of necessity) to marry until recently. Now, they can freely express their sexuality to an extent. Before they would hide their desires under the mask of “building a nest” and ignore the possibility of being able to soothe their bodies’ desires another way.

What Are We Searching for?

Many women today are still in the same situation. They think, “I’d better get hold of a man who will take care of me and serve my body whenever it’s needed,” but they can’t even admit it to themselves. It is something that is considered forbidden, shameful, and sinful, a vulgar, cheap trait that doesn’t become a woman.
In fact, men who confined women—deceiving them with gifts sometimes and getting their way through violence other times—kept denying they were actually seeking steady partners who could satisfy their urges whenever they wanted. Sexuality was the dirt on their hands, but somehow there was no water to wash it off.
The Supreme Being created men and women with either male or female predominant energies. This was so they would come short. They would need to struggle to complete themselves, to slog away, and to arrive at their potential while doing so.
That’s why both men and women find each other appealing after reaching a certain level of physical maturity. They can’t help it. The urges inside them also hold the seed that knows the path to perfection. This seed pushes, prods, and hauls people to the path of their own integration.
It’s not merely a single inner seed that humans have. There’s a kernel-like process running on this planet that works behind the scenes with a countless amount of tools, searching for balance in the opposing poles.
An example process is that of spreading fear by promoting the concept of sin and creating a sense of guilt for experiencing sexuality. People desperately strive for perfection, yet they feel guilty and start having nightmares about hellfire when the moment comes. They are penitent until the urges that make them feel unfulfilled rise again. They don’t draw anyone close or rejoice in the forbidden, and when the time comes, the feeling of insufficiency deepens so much that they agree to any kind of punishment so they can engage in the same scenario all over again.
It’s good to find a partner who is legal, permanent, and available to avoid this vicious cycle, especially for women, who suffer more than enough from the sin concept.

The Issue of Attraction

People better realize what their urges have been trying to convey after becoming complete, regardless of gender, and the next thing we experience is tending to the urges that arise. The urges, in fact, result from the dynamism of the vibrational torus gathered at the sacred force center, which is intensified in terms of energy.
According to the law of attraction, when the frequencies of two people are similar, they begin to pull toward each other like a magnet, whether it’s wanted or not. The more their energies resemble each other, the more they attract each other.
This fundamentally boils down to the matter of resonance. Let’s say someone’s energy vibrates at 35–37 Hertz, and someone else’s at 33-35 Hertz, they attract each other according to the common vibrational level at 35 Hertz. The greatest force occurs when the vibrational ranges are equal, and if two people do not have a common level at all, their union doesn’t provide the same attraction, even if they do get together. In this case, the association is the mere result of a notional imposition, and both parties fail to complete or satisfy each other. This kind of sexuality occurs only on a physical level, and while it might serve to get rid of some excess hormones, it causes more emptiness on the emotional level.
For this reason, whether male or female, people do not want to lose their partners when they find someone in a shared vibrational range, because they provide a complete physical, mental, and emotional holistic energy integration. This is the primary reason why we see too many relationships that are sexually marvelous, but otherwise frustrating, ending in divorce.

Money, Money, Money

Now let’s talk about money. Money is a tool to provide us with whatever we feel we need. It might be fundamental needs—such as food, clothing, and shelter—or it might be luxuries, possibly even sex.
For every thought we generate about money in our heads, there’s a specific vibrational range. The wider the range, the more money we attract, and because money also attracts us, it consequently gets on our minds, just like how bodies with a common vibrational range attract each other.
When people are raised in a society that considers poverty and even deprivation a virtue, they might find money dirty, useless, meaningless, or even bad for their lives. From this standpoint, the frequency of their views on money will be extremely low with a narrow vibrational range. These people will probably push money away unwittingly because the power of attraction is directly linked to the frequency. Now, imagine that one day a man suddenly managed to widen this range. He might then win the lottery for example, but oh-oh, he’ll soon lose it because he’s returned to his former frequency range. He will, because he’s back to his old ways. He’s thinking, “I found it quickly, so I can spend it quickly.” He got his old ideas of money back, tightened his frequency range, and reset the power of it.
Another man thinks he’ll acquire money gradually, so his corresponding vibrational range gradually widens, and he starts to earn proportionally more over time. He’s someone who thinks he’s being rewarded by the system, because he’s successful and he knows this success won’t last forever. He invests his money in various ways, and sometime later, he decides to retire with a sum of money that neither decreases nor increases.
We tend to criticize money when we can’t obtain something we need without it, because we know we could have it with money. We say, “It’s not for me anyway.” So, we’re seriously tested by money as well as by finding a suitable sexual partner. We create circumstances that require us to lose, or idle at best, for the sake of preserving it. We then envy those who manage to resolve the issue,  judging them in various ways.
My pupil didn’t have any more questions after this. He’d caught my drift and decided to apply them to his own life. Now he has his own business. He has given up on marriage and lives with a partner who is good for him. He doesn’t make his partner’s or his own life miserable by tightly controlling her. Oh, and he also has an annual income with plenty of digits in it.
Now, let’s look at people who hold views that will keep money out of their lives, such as those arguing on Facebook that time:

  • Spiritual healers shouldn’t charge money for their services. So, how should they support themselves?
  • Doctors should treat people without charging them. However, the medical community spends billions of dollars on research and development. How else would funding be provided? It’s fair enough for healers to charge fees, but they’re certainly nothing but merchants if they won’t heal the poor without charging. We can ignore losing a little income that’s going to pay our luxurious expenses if it’s coming from health care. It’s an honest living only if you can afford to lose only a certain part of your income, and if not…

Famous clothing brands are luxurious, and luxurious expenses steal the future of our children.

  • Information shouldn’t be paid for. Selling information is no different to selling indulgences.
  • On planets that are spiritually developed, is the cure for a disease only offered to those with money?

Can you see the range of views expressed by those involved? If they ever attempted this as a business, they’d surely starve themselves and eventually have to do something else instead.

Alien Worlds…

This is the planet Earth, and no one knows what’s happening on other planets. It’s fine for people to believe there are other civilizations far more civilized and spiritually developed than ours. I respect these people, honor their opinions, and accept them sincerely. In fact, I believe in this, and I also think there are others meandering in the front row of primitiveness, not even close to the level of civilization elsewhere in the universe. Nevertheless, simply believing is one thing, but knowing is another. To be honest, I’m only as wise as the channeled information floating around, just like the others are.
So, let’s go by the channeled messages. The most strictly emphasized and heavily underscored message is probably that our planet is the only planet in the universe with intelligent life, thanks to the most special games ever played.
We sprang up from this unique biotope that harbors both the feminine and masculine energy poles in its dynamic beings (i.e., humans). We’re implanted with both good and evil. We possess a part that is ugly to stand out, just as our beautiful parts do. Our fearful part is deep, just as our loving part is strong, and so on.
The intent in this bipolarity is to make us transform into a state of expanded consciousness, regardless of the duality of good and evil, so we can physically experience what was known only in theory, namely the evolution of energy in a world of duality.
There have been tests in times long past that observed how we would collectively react to the compressed energy, and the game’s been restarted because we preferred the destructive, egocentric, damaging way at every choice. This test is supposedly the last experiment.
Presumably, the last experiment’s results must have provoked us into turning to a new direction, and a new biotope was modeled on our planet somewhere else in the universe. Many beings, including those that chose not to ascend, have already taken action to live there.
In other words, those who aren’t finished with playing the game will continue their lives there, and the ascended will stay here, living their lives in oneness and perfection in this heaven the Supreme Being prepared for us.
Is it certain that beings perfected themselves for good and overcame the bad sides of their nature? No, that’s not the case according to people. They were born on a planet that never experienced opposing energies, such as Sirius, which Hasan mentioned. Only beings with high vibratory rates (positive) can be born there, and although they have extremely long lifetimes, their evolution (i.e., the widening of their vibratory ranges) takes forever because they don’t encounter lessons to compel their inner worlds to the same extent.
Friction between good and evil is provided by interplanetary legions over there. On Sirius, there are millions of vibrationally positive, open-hearted, highly civilized beings who have a enhanced technology. They live and let live, and they resurrect. Then there’s vibrationally negative beings who keep everything they have to themselves and assimilate technology. They kill and sicken those of other planets as much as they’re able to, and evolution progresses very slowly because the only friction is between those two races. The balance between the poles is provided by this kind of vibrational communion.
The latest race to tackle this zero-point of evolution, which they kept moving in a negative direction, and ultimately join the Galactic Confederation by ending this million-year-old war are the Orions, who have been called “the bad boys of the galaxy.”
And again, we get the idea they do not use sexuality to experience oneness and perfection. Their need for reproduction is also low, so they’re not really involved in sexuality.
Both ends of the axis consist of beings that are adept at using the power of thought. They’re not programmed to feel deficiency at all, and they do not need to nourish, clothe, or shelter themselves.
So, what did you expect them to do with money? Perhaps they haven’t invented it because there’s no use for it.
It’s said these civilizations lack free will, yet we have it. It’s said they do not have to suffer their way to evolution, yet we do. It’s said they don’t have the ability to outline and change their fates when they feel like it, yet we do.
We make more subconscious, or even unconscious, choices than conscious ones, whether we realize it or not. If you only knew how many people I’ve come across that claimed, “I want to get better to the point of completely breaking away from the state I’m in.” However, they still hold on to their disease, poverty, or inability, and they whine that they love someone and cannot do without them.
Perhaps that one healer you met was showing you your deepest, darkest corner, when he or she said, “No money, no cure.”

For the Sake of God?

I challenged some of the people on Facebook by asking, “Who do you think you are to forbid charging?” Now, these people are the ones in the murk of the system when they say, “I do it for the sake of God.”
First of all, to do things for “the sake of God” is simply to strive for the key to heaven in all its senselessness. These simpletons imagine they can enter the Garden of Eden by offending others and setting forth their spiritual or mental choices. They are subconsciously peeved by others who don’t behave like them, and they lack the desire to whitewash the flaws in their own demeanor. They judge others who are discreet about the conscious or unconscious choices of other people, and they make a name for themselves by endeavoring to publicly offend them.
There’s an order to helping people, and you must pay the price if you ever disturb it. Many people think the Supreme Being will punish them when they hear about paying a price. The Supreme Being has placed a part of its own light inside us, as well as some inwit (an inner sense) to be on the safe side because it knew it would be too busy for such trivial business. Inwit comes into play whenever our inner divine light is clouded, and it projects the darkness of this shadow from our inner world to the outer, physical world until the moment comes for us to recognize and honor the part of ourselves that built the shadow. We perceive this darkness as the loss of prestige, money, peace, health, or other thing, but just realize that we have to step back and look inside at whatever is in there. The divine light then shines anew and the inwit quiets. Otherwise, the shadow grows, the inwit ceases talking and starts screaming, and the losses heighten.
Now I ask you this: What do you do when you become indebted to someone who prays for you and when asked, gives you at least six hours of their lives to support you and solve your problems while not disturbing the order of helping and respecting your free will?
There is not enough breath to pray or enough power to heal. How can you repay the integrity that has flowed through them to you? How can you evaluate the right amount if you ever succeed in repaying the debt?
You’d better go ask that healer what they want to fulfill the debt of their volunteered effort, and when you really cannot do this, know that this is because of your own choice—it has nothing to do with the doctor, nurse, psychotherapist, or spiritual healer. Don’t forget to show them gratitude for respecting your free will and not giving you whatever it is.
A bit yes to all that is.

Zeynep Sevil Güven