Our individual consciousnesses reside within, and are derived from, the great consciousness of the cosmos, which also supports us by giving us innate capacities and helping our development. Thus, we became aware of our own identities. The main purpose of life is to gain a deeper and wider connection to the main consciousness. Everything on Earth is consciously aware of us, and we are aware of everything in the cosmos, consciously or subconsciously. A similar conscious communication is also available in our bodies. According to Deepak Chopra, every cell in our body knows what the other cells are doing. If not, it would be impossible to coordinate the activities within the body. The body also follows the movements of the stars, and planetary movements determine biological activities. Everything in the cosmos has a system, and everything works according to a divine plan. This is the basis of monotheistic religions.
When humans can manage what they think, they can also affect the things around them. We often hear stories about people who can ignore harmful things with the help of their mental power during deep meditation. For example, some people can walk over hot coals. Psychics claim that our thoughts are extremely important. If we can change our thoughts, we can change our minds. With the help of our conscious thoughts, we can increase our potential to influence our inner and outer worlds.
Kahunas are Hawaiian spiritual healers and teachers that emphasize people should think often about their lives and visualize what they want to experience. By doing so, they can consciously manage the events they want to experience and create their own futures. Middle Eastern teachings also convey that people should visualize their wishes and dedicate energy for them. This way, the images visualized in the brain will become real experiences within the material world. Buddha also emphasized the same concept: “We are what we think we are. We are what we created by our thoughts. We create the world with our thoughts.”
Gandhi said that if we want something to happen in the world, we should first experience an inner change. As all energies are linked to each other, we all exist in certain energy levels. What we are is more important than what we say or do. Our energies spread out beyond our private lives, like the ripples caused when a pebble is dropped in a lake. If we have any negative or hypocritical attitudes, even in the depths of our minds, this energy affects the world as a whole. On the other hand, being joyful, peaceful, creative, and visionary also affects the world around us.
Psychic oracle Edgar Cayce claimed in his readings that during each moment, we create our future through the visions and patterns we shape. Our thoughts are responsible for all the solid materials around us, and our thoughts build our destiny. Cayce said in one of his readings:
The mind is the creator. We became what we think. So, if we change our thoughts and attitudes, we can increase our conscious to a higher frequency, and instead of having ideals, if we live those ideals, we can be freed from the obstacles and breathe freely with the rhythm of life. Humans are the only creatures who have free will. Only humans can challenge God.
Some modern scientists now embrace the reality Cayce emphasized in the last century. Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, author of the book The Biology of Belief, says, “Everything begins and ends within the mind!” If we use our minds, nothing on Earth is impossible. Our minds can create miracles.
The experiments of Dr. Jeffrey Goodman, author of the book We Are the Earthquake Generation, showed we can change the world around us using our conscious and unconscious thoughts. Dr. Goodman called this phenomena bio-relativity, which is the interaction of humans with their physical environments through psychic or mental energies. According to Goodman, the energy of our thoughts continuously creates thinking patterns and defines the energy matrix that shapes our physical environment, including our planet.
The data obtained from the GOES satellites, which were sent into space in 2001 to measure changes in the Earth’s magnetic fields, showed that the magnetic fields are affected by changes in human emotions. The data obtained from the magnetometers of the two satellites used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) supported the theory that collective human emotions interact with the magnetic field of the Earth. To give an example, during the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the Earth’s magnetic field peaked. In the following days, the magnetic field showed distortions caused by emotional stress, anger, and fear. The findings gave convincing proof for the hypothesis that human consciousness and emotions affect the global field or interact with it. It is interesting that the data showed the magnetic field was affected three hours prior to the attack, showing global intuition of an event that would happen hours later.
Edgar Cayce and other psychics claim that humans also create earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, geological events, and climate changes with their thought patterns. This means that we affect the energy field of our world with our thoughts and attitudes. Hatred, anger, fear, megalomania, aggression, and other negative emotions detrimentally affect the world’s energy field. Conversely, wise thoughts and attitudes have a positive effect, giving harmony and balance.
Now that we know this, I hope we can make our choices more consciously…