You can own a house, a car, and a summerhouse. You can have a beautiful spouse and plenty of money. You can own a second house and rent it out. You can own a second car and have a good career, successful children, admirable qualities, a sound reputation, and the highest grades. You can have influential neighbors and better contacts. You can own gold, jewelry, a state-of-the-art cellphone, the greatest palace, and a magnificent yacht. You can possess rippling muscles, the most beautiful body, a great conscience, supreme respect, and the gratitude of everyone. You can own the most luxurious items, memberships to the most exclusive clubs, a credit card with no limit, passion, sex, and even love.

You can own whatever you are able to own, because if you do not, you can never BE! Your being, your existence, your place on this world, and your identity all depend on what you own. So, you need to work, struggle, and prevent others from stealing your rightful possessions. You must annihilate, so you can own, own, own!

This is the defect underlying all worldly affairs: A fundamental belief that we must own to BE. This single belief determines our entire lives. It has created the chaotic state of today’s world. Wanting “to own” is at the root of all suffering.

The evolution of humanity will become a reality at this point. Has thousands of years of evolution been to just say farewell to a single word? Has it been to stop using the word “own” and just “be” instead?

Only “being” is enough to change the whole world…

Only “being” will transform the belief that something can be “mine,” which is a product of “owning,” into just “myself,” so you can just be…

With a single farewell, humanity can say hello to a brand-new experience in a world where those who “BE” will escape the tyranny of the “owners” by just BEing.

So when should this happen? Right now!

Where should it happen? Inside ourselves first.

How should it happen? Just become aware. What do you chase after, and what do you expect to achieve when you catch it? You’ll then realize that owning things never brings the desired result. In fact, you’ll always see new carrots to chase. Owning that house will not help you BE, neither will plenty of money in the bank. It won’t happen by getting married to a supermodel, going on a luxury holiday, or starting a successful business, because you exist based on what you are, not on whatever you own.

Now ask yourself this: If everything you owned, your identity, your positions, and your relationships all vanished, who would you be? What would be left?

If your answer is nothing and the possibility scares you witless, you would probably try “to own” again at the earliest opportunity, as would many people. Even if you’re scared, you would run through the fear. This courage is not beating the fear but rather proceeding in spite of it, because only then would you be able to find wealth again…

If your answer is nothing, but this makes you peaceful, you will proceed to the beyond and discover the wholeness emanating from nothingness, the real BEing, the infinite treasure beyond imagination…

If your answer is that everything will remain, just sit down and tell us about this wholeness. Let us listen, but don’t skip the details! What we really need is to “BE everything” not to “own everything.” If you have experienced this, I am ready to listen to you and feel it all… 🙂

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