Hasan Sonsuz Celiktas:
Hello, Nilgün. When we first met you in Festiva, you were a practitioner of EMF Balancing Technique and you were a pioneer name in the so-called “alternative healing” field in Turkey. Then you introduced us to The Reconnection. You were involved with that for many years. Would you please tell us about those periods before we discuss TUNE?
Nilgün Sarar:
Yes Hasan, I remember it very well. I’d read your book “What on Earth is Spirituality?” and I liked it a lot. I was doing EMF then. I was practicing other modalities as well, but I was concentrating on EMF. As you will remember, Kryon wasn’t yet published in Turkey at that time. This was in 1997-98. They were the first steps of the New Age Energy. I had bought the English edition of the purple-covered Kryon book and I came across EMF there. You know, when something has to evolve within you, synchronicity comes into play. “Coincidences” show you that you are walking on the right path. I was getting ready to take my son to a school in the USA when I found out that an EMF seminar was being held just 200 kilometers (125 miles) away from his school.
Anyway, let me go back to your question. It was in 1999 that I learnt EMF. Then in 2000, I became an instructor. I brought the technique to Turkey and personally trained many practitioners. It was during that time that you and I met. Then I discovered The Reconnection in 2002. I found out they had a seminar soon in Berlin, where I happened to be living! The seminar was cancelled, though, and they rescheduled it for Paris. So in October 2002, I learnt Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection in Paris. There were less than 60 people in the seminar.
From that moment on, it seems a brand new path was decided for me. “They” sat upstairs and decided that I would take charge of the publishing of The Reconnection book in Turkey. That I would then give four seminars in Istanbul. That I would bring it to Izmir, then Ankara. And that I would be doing this for ten years, finishing in 2011.
I would have to finish by then, because from 2012 onwards I’d be presenting all I know to my nation and sharing it with them. I would call this new modality TUNE and I would be able to work with it to help people improve their lives, to create new lives in a different atmosphere or environment.
In time, I became an Associate Instructor with The Reconnection. It wasn’t easy though, as there were only 24 Associate Instructors in total globally. Until 2011, I also worked as The Reconnection’s marketing manager in Europe. Everything progressed really well. If it wasn’t for me, The Reconnection would have taken much, much longer to reach to Greece, Romania, Germany, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and especially Turkey. I worked hard and I took each step fondly.
Then, in my private sessions in 2011, I began feeling new, different sensations. And now I am standing in front of you to teach these through my TUNE seminars.
Hasan Sonsuz Celiktas:
Alright, what is TUNE?
Nilgün Sarar:
It is a healing modality which recalibrates the balance between the Universe’s infinite intelligence and the human body. A TUNE session aims to establish a flow of healing by taking the human being to the source of creation, during a time-period determined by the Universe, in a space of respectful silence. It reminds you that it is the perfect time to take ownership of your Self and it acts as a catalyst to remobilize the timeless wisdom that created the body and the mind.
TUNE, at the same time, is the compressed form of 25 years of experience: the things I taught and learnt, experience gained from my private sessions, global experiences, the things I have seen and known so far. TUNE is a practice in which you acknowledge “I don’t know, but I am open to find out.” It is open to anyone in the Universe and it makes a connection with energy that anyone can access. It is also a practice that helps you to progress confidently with life’s challenges and to go with the flow of nature. It is something that you will want to practice and learn.
It is also unassuming because it is egoless, it is without “me”. There is no worshipping and it is easy to learn because you have the support of the Universe. It is pure and open because God wants it. Sometimes I joke that TUNE is a practice that ensures you don’t have a heart attack if one day an alien knocks at your door!
You know what TUNE is not? It is not about attaining some perpetually “spiritual” state, it is not about breaking you off from this life or overwhelming you with protective angels, affirmations and “resolving past traumas”. It is not something which says “Go find your past pain, now bring it out and let it go.” TUNE is also not “Close your eyes and say ‘I forgive’ three times.“ And TUNE is definitely not “Come! Your top chakra is closed and your heart chakra is stagnant.“ TUNE is healing which comes through Universal attunement and balancing.
The Universe is presenting these frequencies in a very beautiful way. This is a gift which is given to all of us. Everyone has the right and ability to use it. I have actually been experiencing for years now a change in the healing and transformational frequencies around me. I would like to explain this in a broader way: It feels to me as if TUNE is the synthesis of many healing practices, which together are stronger and different than what I felt during any of the previous modalities I practiced. I have been feeling very different vibrations for the past two years. I even let my friends experience for themselves how wonderfully different these new vibrations were! The things I was living, feeling and experiencing were different. I took notes, drew, and experimented with the “shapes” that these new frequencies brought to me. This acceleration was becoming more intense and I was hearing similar things from other friends: new lines, new points. In short, TUNE is a compact accumulation of the best that was, together with the very new. It’s something very different. It can be taught to others, and anyone can understand and embody it. I teach TUNE in two days, at a very intense pace. And I keep the number of participants small.
Hasan Sonsuz Celiktas:
At the moment, there are so many different names in spiritual healing practices and what’s more, there are a lot of techniques, all of them very ambitious. In 1995, when I first started this journey, I used to hear things like “There is something called bioenergy. When he/she touches your head, the pain goes away.” When we experience pain here and there, we used to stop the pain with inspiration and then we said “Hey, we can do this!” Then Reiki appeared and spread all over the world. Then we had a tsunami of energy techniques, all of them claiming to be better than the previous one. Now, under these circumstances, it is really difficult to understand which one is good and which one is just “stuff” for people. It is like trying to choose a product in the detergent section of the supermarket. Almost all will clean well enough, but some will do so really well, and some seem to be cleaning but will cause allergic reactions, so on and so forth. Now, in this very complicated atmosphere, you are standing in front of us with a claim. So why should I learn TUNE?
Nilgün Sarar:
Let me first make it clear that I’m not making any kind of claim. But I believe this work should be known about. If I had worked ambitiously, I would have been on TV every single day for the past 25 years. I would have collected, cropped, taken what I liked from all the books I have read and then I’d have pretended that I was writing my own book. I would have socialized with artists, VIPS, singers, and other famous people and struck poses in front of the photo flashes. I came 20 years ago to Istanbul as a Reiki Master. Imagine the potential back then! And my physical appearance is like a foreigner – blonde hair and blue eyes. I could have really taken off and become a guru if I’d wanted that.
Hasan, this is a very delicate subject. This is not a “You have some goods in your warehouse, so go out and market them” kind of thing. The people who know me have heard about me by word of mouth, by personal recommendation. People who come for a session with me carefully follow every word that comes out of my mouth. In that moment, I feel a deep respect for that person. It gives me a shiver. People come to you and surrender themselves to you.
Now, there are some healers who say “You must come every day for a month and I will fix you.” On the other hand, there are the ones like myself, the ones who say “I don’t know, but I’ll try. I’ll have a look.” So Hasan, to continue your analogy, there is a salesman on the one hand who says “Take this detergent. If you have an allergic reaction, come back immediately and I’ll exchange it.” That salesman tells you how it is from the start, he doesn’t scare you. And you think “This is OK.” You are a comfortable with that. You say “If it causes an allergic reaction, that’s OK because I can return it. And it smells good!” So you make an informed decision.
On the other hand, there is a different detergent salesman who doesn’t accept returns, but your neighbor insisted that you buy the product, so you do. But you experience an allergic reaction and it smells bad. No refund, no returns. You bought it and can do nothing about it now. Will you buy it again? No. I see that chaos and upset in people, I hear about it.
It seems you are asking me for the solution to that situation. The solution as it relates to TUNE is to experience it for yourself. Your personal guidance leads you to the most appropriate practitioner and the “tunes” are done from above. My response to the “integrity dilemma” you just mentioned is very short and pure: What I am doing as a practitioner – the integrity of what I am doing – is between me and God and I take full responsibility for my part in the process. As Einstein said, “I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details”.
Hasan Sonsuz Celiktas:
OK. What is the purpose of TUNE? What do you aim to achieve? Who are you trying to reach? What is the training process? Are there levels in the work? Are you going to have “train the trainer” sessions? What is this therapy like? Can you tell me more about it?
Nilgün Sarar:
My mission is to build a bridge. I am like this in my daily life as well. I am someone who works behind the scenes, linking the different elements. I write the script, and manage and oversee everything. When I leave the back stage area, things can begin to fall apart. I never imagined myself going on stage, though. But this time I’m thinking about it. I am now both backstage and on stage, with an amateur’s spirit but also with professionalism.
My purpose with TUNE is to reach the central cities in Turkey and offer seminars, to travel in Turkey like I did throughout Europe over the past decade. To be clear and distinctive to the people who want to learn about TUNE.
TUNE is taught in a two-day seminar. On Saturdays, there is TUNING (the basic TUNE 1 phase): achieving deep entry to the TUNE session, getting accustomed to the frequencies, transcending the everyday, establishing a strong connection with the highest wisdom and settling into the period of communication, and personal and universal improvement practices.
On Sundays, there is FINE TUNING (the advanced TUNE 2 phase): taking the first steps to becoming a practitioner, learning about re-balancing the individual and getting him or her ready to live by the infinite and perfect vibrations of the Universe.
There is also the ATTUNEMENT seminar, the advanced phase which focusses on mentoring and seminar assistance training. It takes three days and is held once a year. It is only for people who have attended TUNE 1 and 2 seminars, who have practiced what they learned during the seminars, and who would like to take themselves to the next step in healing.
Therapy sessions are held one to one. During the session itself, there is no speaking or explaining, no diagnosing, guiding or asking. Sessions are conducted in complete silence. Approximately an hour and a half is the period of time that you will need for a session. I set you free during your session with me. I am not the one who heals you or gives you the tuning. The “cook” is the Universe and you are the one who provides the ingredients. You are the one who plugs in. The stream of healing originates from the limitless intelligence of the Universe.
Let me list for you some of the benefits of TUNE sessions: advancing in your personal progress, leaving behind negative feelings, getting better in all areas and increasing your awareness (intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically), enhancing your confidence, finding your business and your life purposes more meaningful, feeling in perfect balance, feeling a kind of looseness and ease, achieving better sleep quality, being less judgmental, and feeling less fearful, more loving, more focused, more peaceful, more happy and joyful.
Hasan Sonsuz Celiktas:
OK, we hope TUNE goes well in Turkey, for people in general, and for all humankind. You have a respected and trusted name in this area. With such a good reputation, you have given us a thoughtful insight into TUNE. Most important of all, this is your very own system. We are a nation which is very fond of importing things – especially in the spiritual field. We collect and bring everything we find from abroad with great joy and happiness. But maybe the best source should be from our own country. I personally know many names from Turkey who far outstrip internationally renowned people with their knowledge. Unfortunately, being “internationally renowned” means “having an internationally successful marketing program“. At present, the new spiritually-based and energy-based approaches to life and healing necessarily come with effective global marketing. At least, with something like TUNE, we can export now! If Turkish people are looking for a system, here it is! If we are looking for a new spiritually-based approach to living, here it is! It might be good, it might not be good – you can explore it and decide for yourself. It is between you and the Universe. Try it out and see. But rather than running indiscriminately to all the foreign practitioners, I personally think that we have to listen also to trusted Turkish ones. But of course, this does not mean we should run to just anyone who claims they have created a new energy or a system!
That said, I wish you all the best for TUNE.
Nilgün Sarar:
I fully agree with you Hasan. I want to share my work with the Turkish people more and help them to display their unique tolerance, humanitarianism, and friendship. And I also want to provide people with a way to live in peace with themselves and to bring more light into their current positive energy. I would like to thank you for giving me so much of your valuable time.
Hasan Sonsuz Celiktas:
I thank you, too.

Hasan Sonsuz