Tell them to find a womb where they can take root, for they shall fly leisurely.
The only thing to look for in that womb is virtue. Where there is virtue, there is also love and faith.
So they naturally attune with fire and awake to Ibrahim.
This what a worthy man is.
Virtue is a sign of respect to God and loyalty and fidelity to His word.
Virtue is the reference point of love and fondness, trust, and real knowledge.
Virtue is the immune system of the soul, a natural ointment for a mind filled with complexities, entanglements, dilemmas, and conundrums.
Virtue is the key to Sırat-ı Müstakim (the Direct Path), the path that leads eventually, but directly, to one’s self.
Virtue is the highest state, a marker of beauty and wonder. It is Joseph himself.
Virtue is the untainted purity of the soul, its gospel chastity. It resides deep within, but it is visible through the eyes. Those who look for it between their legs miss out on the truth for as long as they occupy themselves with that search.
Virtue is a silk veil of privacy, and those who are wrapped up in this veil are preserved forever.