Sometimes the tiredness in your soul is also felt in your physical body.
At such times, we should remember that we’re here on Earth with a physical body. We need to enrich our bodies with joy, the gift of Mother Earth. The routine below will help us a lot with this.
Stand upright and spread your feet at about shoulder width. Breathe in and out deeply three times and then close your eyes. Starting with your hair strands and going down to your toes, instruct all your cells to be ready to obey the instructions you are about to give. Next, imagine the vitality within your cells starting to move. Visualize the energy of life moving out from these cells in the form of white drops of light. These drops then come together, forming white streams of light. These streams then unite further to form white rivers of light, all flowing toward your solar plexus in the center of your body.
Visualize this life energy flowing from all over your body in the form of white light and accumulating in the center of your body. As it continues to flow in, some of this accumulated life energy starts to flow down both of your legs. When it reaches the soles of your feet, let the energy sink down into the earth. As soon as it enters the earth, imagine the energy branching downwards like the roots of a tree. To make it easier, you could visualize it like an upside-down tree below the surface of the earth. Imagine how this gigantic root system made from light is connecting you to the earth, branching down, deeper and deeper, in all directions.
Now, imagine the accumulated life energy in the form of white light, but this time it takes the appearance of a florescent pillar of light. Visualize this pillar of light moving out of your body from your root chakra, which is between where your legs join, and reaching down. When it reaches the ground between your feet, it penetrates deep down to the center of the Earth. At this point, bring your palms together and rest them against your chest with your fingers pointing up. First, exhale the “negative” with a strong but brief breath, then inhale the “positive” with a deep and long breath. You can use many related concepts. It is important to breathe out the negative first and then inhale the positive instead. Here are several sample phrases you can think about:

  • I breathe out weariness. I breathe in energy.
  • I breathe out sickness. I breathe in health.
  • I breathe out sorrow. I breathe in joy.
  • I breathe out poverty. I breathe in plenitude.
  • I breathe out anxiety. I breathe in tranquility.
  • I breathe out fear. I breathe in love.

You may then open your eyes in your own time.