Arians, who are born between March 21 and April 20, carry the energy that brings springtime down to earth.
They’re always partially children, being born under the first sign of the zodiac. They have souls that resemble daring activists, leaders, and initiators, and they are ever dauntless and fearless. They know exactly how to fight.
There’s an impressive song written by Şebnem Ferah, an Arian Turkish singer, that manages to convey the attitude of Aries to the hilt: “You’ve got to start from scratch sometimes and reset life. Got to love from scratch sometimes and unlearn everything.” This is Aries: it wipes everything out, starts all over again, forgets the past, and proceeds on its way. Life is an adventure and a game to Aries, and it likes to play this game with its entire being.
Aries is the little kid of the Zodiac, and it would cease to be Aries if it ever lost its inner child.
Arians like to be the ones giving the starting signals because the Zodiac assigned them the duty of initiating springtime with the equinox. Nature comes back to life in the springtime, and everything starts all over again.
Aries, the first sign, is the baby of the Zodiac. Similarly, the general character of Arians is also like that of a baby. They excitedly demand, chase, embark, and conquer, and they make a great fuss when their demands are not met. Their selfishness comes from their childish nature, because their needs are entirely self-oriented.

The Sign of Mehmed the Conqueror

In the Zodiac, the God of War is ruled by the red planet Mars. This ruler leaves its mark in Aries’ characteristic features as well. He is a warrior in every sense. The prominent traits of Arians are fearlessness, willingness to advance on obstacles, a desire to conquer and take action, courage, and the ability to turn potential into reality. The location of the Sun in the natal chart of Mehmed the Conqueror, who conquered Istanbul, is at the 19th degree of Aries, a degree regarded with particular dignity in classical astrology.
Clarity, enthusiasm, individualism, action without hesitation, and extroversion are all characteristic of this sign. Challenges are a part of the Arian soul. They prefer to talk rather than to listen, and they are highly ambitious and true leaders. They do not make good followers, because it startles them to follow someone. They are independent by nature and people of action.
It’s not easy to try and teach them something. They prefer to develop their own methods because they are not followers and like their own techniques. They are often trendsetters, such as former spice girl Victoria Beckham, who is Aries to the core, as is the ever-uncompromising Turkish actress Nurgül Yeşilçay, who is her own master and pours her ambition into every single step she takes.

The Master of the Ego

Aries rules the first house of the Zodiac, which concerns “myself,” specifically physical appearance and ego. Arians naturally have a high level of ego—they admire themselves and have a reputation for arrogance and impatience. They never acknowledge their large egos and arrogance when confronted, and this is also a result of their larger-than-life egos.
They enjoy danger, and they’re always there to compete and challenge, just  like the well-known illusionist Houdini, who was famous for his dangerous performances. They make successful athletes because they enjoy so many kinds of sports and contests. The famous basketball player Kerim Abdülcabbar is an Aries, as is Ümit Karan, who currently appears in Survivor Turkey.
Arians always side with the underdog. They sometimes lose their battles because they instinctively go off half-cocked. This is because they honestly believe they can tip the scales in their favor, but they eventually lose the battle as a result. They are thoroughly honest, but they may judge rather hastily. They are able to grasp ideas in no time.
For Arians, the shortest path between two points is a straight line. They dislike wasting their time and squarely put their fingers on the matter without a moment wasted.
They are generous and readily convey all their enthusiasm, money, and sympathy to their people. They are courageous in both moral and physical senses, and they help those they think are worthy of it. They are creative and open hearted, and they possess a kind of supreme soul with a drive that is pioneering, brave, independent, and dynamic.

The Fear of Rejection

This dynamic flow of energy can bring along difficulties, such as anxiety or a high degree of libido. Their anxiety may sometimes become so intense and unmanageable that they give up their ventures out of a fear of failure, turning their gaze toward another goal instead. Another fear Arians harbor is that of rejection. When they are unsure if they’re going to be accepted, they may seek to preemptively reject their partners instead. The motto of “the best defense is a good offense” could very easily apply to them.
Arians are typically known for their hastiness, rage, selfishness, intolerance, and impatience, and they cannot stand routine and monotonous pursuits. Their originality, imagination, and immense mental and physical energies require occupations where they can use these abilities. Okan Bayülgen, known for having a zest for appealing to younger people through his adrenaline-filled broadcasts, is a typical example of an Arian.
Two legendary actors share the title of “coolest man of all time”: Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen, both of who are Arians. The time when Brando sent a Native American woman to decline his Oscar was a very fitting demonstration of the Arian way of challenging. They like to baffle people, and they are thoroughly avant-garde and like to invent new fields of action.
Arians like to run the show. They are good communicators with the ability to lead the way for new ideas that pique the public interest. They can be successful as journalists, press members, advertisers, publicists, and radio and TV programmers. I must also add that Arians can work wonders in the military—they are ruled by the planet Mars after all.
Aries rules the head area of the body, so Arians are prone to diseases such as migraines, sunstrokes, neural disorders, and depression. Indigestion and nervous disorders may also occur. Their inherent rashness also puts them at high risk of physical injury.
They are adventurous, impulsive, enthusiastic, and energetic. They like to blaze a trail with their ideas and actions. Arians are enamored with freedom, and they absolutely love to challenge people and circumstances, never hesitating to fight when confronted. They are open to innovative ideas, and their fire sign makes them quick learners. They’re usually keen on having multiple occupations, which they start with great enthusiasm but fail to master. Aries is the starter rather than the finisher. Their ruler Mars grants them a certain combativeness along with their enormous competitiveness, and this competitiveness often brings along jealousy. That’s right, jealousy is an Arian thing, yet Arians don’t feel it as profoundly as Scorpios do. When Arians are jealous, they show it and proceed to take a step forward.
Arians are talented and can cope with many things at once. They have more than one string to their bows, like the extraordinary singer Lady Gaga and the skillful actor Gary Oldman. Mahsun Kırmızıgül, who took his chances in the movie business after his singing career, is also an Aries, just like another artist he reported being influenced by, Yılmaz Güney.
Another example of the innovative nature of Aries would be Leonardo Da Vinci, who greatly helped enlighten the world of science and metaphysics; Charlie Chaplin, the genius who put the “C” in cinema; and Francis Ford Coppola, creator of the memorable movie The Godfather.
Arian leaders look out for the people they lead, but they don’t hesitate to manipulate people and situations as needed. They can’t follow others, because they usually don’t get along with authority. They are natural-born leaders who get upset if their lives force them to be followers. They are here to acknowledge their sense of self.
Arians are mostly interested in themselves, both in a positive and negative way. Their high levels of energy can cause them aggression and unease. It’s important for them to quench their physical desires, so much that it might even be seen as greed or gluttony. Arians can act extremely obstinately and petulantly, but they work with fidelity when their superiors make a point of singing their praises. When they get the feeling that they’re being put upon, however, they make sure they seek revenge.
They are honest, outright, enthusiastic, and genial in their personal relationships. They have very high levels of libido and make swift and passionate lovers, and they disfavor mildness and moderation. They are intensely sensitive, yet they fail to mind the sensitivity of others. They can have a Don Juan kind of personality, so it’s best for them not to go to the altar too soon in their lives. They are not inherently unfaithful, but let’s just say that their longing for change is greater than their passion for commitment.
The beautiful Kristen Stewart of the Twilight series, who cheated on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson and caused him a good amount of trouble, is an Aries woman. Renée Zellweger, with her sympathetic character from the Bridget Jones series; Zeki Alasya, one of the most prominent figures of Turkish cinema and theatre; and the legendary maestro Herbert Von Karajan are all Arians. In general, Arians make good athletes, mountaineers, doctors, researchers, adventurers, sailors, aviators, and leaders.
Regarding any kind of obstacle as an enemy and butting their horns against it—and, needless to say, eventually losing them—whenever they get the chance are well-known features of Aries. Arians are in constant need of new conquests, for they believe in being of capital importance. This endless pursuit of conquest doesn’t result in uninterrupted fearlessness, because while they may fear the obstacles, the ability to advance upon and overcome those obstacles is what makes them Arians.
The godfather of rock Eric Clapton, Elton John, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion are among the celebrity Arians.
Arians are fiery by nature, since Aries is a fire sign. They are always excited, dislike planning ahead, have high levels of libido, and are very confident of their intuition and survival instincts, just as it is with the other fire signs.

Kevser Aycan Aşkım Saroğlu

Aycan Aşkım Saroğlu is a Turkish journalist and writer. She graduated from İstanbul University, Department of American Literature and worked for many magazines and newspapers: TV'de 7 (TV Magazine), Hurriyet Newspaper, Top Sante (Health Magazine), Gezi Traveler (Journey Magazine), Aktuel (News Magazine), Aksam and HaberTurk Newspapers. Since 2000, she has specialized particularly in news about spiritual and esoteric issues. Aycan is also an expert in astrology and famous for her interview series with Turkish astrologers. She has one book to her credit, namely “Hour Glass of Passion” published in Turkish.