There is no food that causes cancer, not even the processed rubbish we eat these days. People get cancer because of their thoughts.

There are only two conditions for cancer in reality, and both need to apply at the same time. Just one of them is not enough.

The first one is the principle of reciprocity that modern society imposes on us. This is mostly seen as being in debt of kindness.

The second condition is resentfulness. This means refusing to express your hurt and sorrow in favor of a silent dialogue.

If these two conditions exist at the same time, your cells will rise up much like revolutionary activists. They will try to build safe zones within the body.

In esoteric medicine, they say that humans are the cancer in nature, because they are unaware that they will die together with the environment that they’re trying to take over.

Of course, the happiest food is the one that was never saddened. Is this happy food the real solution?

The happiness of what we eat relates to how much it’s been tortured. From wheat to chicken, from fruit to fish, the less a food has been modified, the better it is.

Physical processing is significant to a point, but the real torture comes through chemical transformation.

Nutritional habits are irrelevant here. A feeling of guilt for what you eat is a greater cause of sickness than what it is you actually eat.

Two spoons of peanut butter is fine, but your soul would eat the whole jar. Your soul is the hungry one. To feed it, helping others and serving humanity is a much better choice.

All those delicacies are ours, and we exist in this world to sample them. If we don’t taste them all in the right amounts, however, we will live empty lives. Just make sure that your mind doesn’t make you sick.

Let’s meet at some delicious time…