“When I see I’m nothing, it’s wisdom. When I see I’m everything, it’s love. My life is all about going back and forth between these two.” — Nisargadatta Maharaj

From the moment we are conceived in our mothers’ wombs, we actually start filling a void in the middle of a void. The more the void is filled, the more it extends, and it gives us the perception of Allness. According to our first existence, we open up to the experience of “being” in this vast expanding void.

When the void is entirely filled and there’s no room left, we are born into a bigger void. This is called the Earth. With the experience of the world we are born into, we open up to Nothingness. The conflict between our growing bodies and our conscience, which is not in harmony with that growth, causes us to forget our Allness experience and keep in mind the perception of Nothingness.

Throughout life, our relationships proceed as a means of filling that void. We keep prying into the voids in each other’s lives. We keep missing our potential for expanding and spreading, for opening up to a bigger void, with our experience of limited space in the womb. We expect our memory of Allness to revive through key relationships. And when we can’t connect with the memory, we struggle to fill the voids in our bodies. Our stomachs and genitals often suffer from this the most.

As the limited mind frees itself from all its boundaries, it fills the womb of the Earth and wakes up to the truth of being everything. There’s then only one experience left to live: Love.

The void is not as scary as we presume. Fear comes from being unable to fill the void. Effort tainted with anxiety causes crowded thoughts in our minds and triggers subconscious “spatial intrusions.”

Being everything and nothing within this experience of the void is familiar to all of us. Once we carry the knowledge of Allness that we had in the womb into our consciousness, it becomes compatible with our knowledge of Nothingness in the Earth’s womb.

This means that we will see the wisdom of love while also experiencing love and wisdom together.

With love and wisdom. 🙂

PS: Reaching a whole and complete knowledge about being, knowledge, and value is called wisdom.