Hello, beautiful souls. Welcome to my journey once again. If you missed my first article, then some parts might not make sense to you. But that’s okay, no worries. If you find yourself reading this and don’t want to read the last part, go ahead anyway!

p>When you start to explore yourself more spiritually, you often face a glass ceiling that holds you up for a while. This acts as a sort of determinative level for the rest of your life, but if you break through it, nothing will be the same for you again. Do you know what this ceiling really is? I call it a “glass ceiling” because it’s almost invisible, like a ghost, or maybe it does not even exist at all. You only coincidentally realize you are under this ceiling, or you would otherwise never feel yourself pass through it, which is “the milestone” of your life. Your brave heart’s war will begin at that point. Whatever you wished for before will bring you both miracles that you could never ever imagine and some challenges that you could never have believed yourself capable of dealing with, and all at the same time. This condition will bring you an awareness that helps you understand what you really attract into your life and your ability to appreciate all the hard experiences that cause doors to close in your face, because they lead to much better doors opening that you would have never imagined before!

How can you realize you are at this stage?

You suffer a lot on this level, and you will perhaps begin to lose your faith in all the things you searched for, such as the laws of attraction, the universe and its energy, all the meditation and breathing techniques you practice, all the spiritual people you met, all the spiritual organizations you signed up with, all the books and articles you read, all the daily inspirational quotes your friend tagged you with, and so on. If you can pass through this stage, though, you won’t be the same person ever again. I will clarify this stage with an example below, so please keep reading…

An unexpected luxury comes into my life

I mentioned before that I used to live in a huge villa and have my own company. I also said I didn’t get these by having a huge sum of money left to me, working in a job that I dedicated my whole life to, and of course not by making use of a sugar daddy, a bank loan, or network marketing jobs to get money quick. I simply left my comfort zone and followed my heart, trusting in myself and not being a liar, so I let the universe decide on my behalf rather than trying to force things into happening. Well, I will clarify this further. Please try to understand that if you move forward with your achievements and desires, there will always be some gift waiting for you! So, here we go.

Just a few months ago…

I was tagged in a comment on Facebook: A businessman was asking for a waitress for his restaurant that he was about to open in a foreign country. I was tagged in this comment because I am a mural artist who specializes in painting the walls of new restaurants, cafes, gyms, and offices, and so on. It could therefore be considered a great experience and job opportunity for me. I reached out to this businessman and offered to paint his restaurant’s walls in return for him paying my travel and accommodation expenses. He was very happy about this offer, but he said that he needed to first talk about it with his business partner. Guess what? Coincidentally, his partner was the wife of a prominent but sadly deceased artist in that country, and she was also very excited about this offer, so she wanted me to come over and paint their restaurant’s walls.

From where to where…

I always run after opportunities and never wait for luck to find me. I am the type of person who creates her own luck through many attempts, failures, and achievements. Once I travelled to that country, the woman wanted me to stay at her house, which was a huge villa full of art and history. She opened her door for me, and I became the first and only foreigner to stay in that living museum. There were books on the shelves, certificates and diplomas on the walls, and sketches scattered around, as well as the smell of old newspaper pieces, art materials, papers, and old cassettes everywhere. I was under a spell there.

An incredible offer that I never imagined before

Before I arrived there, the woman had been searching for someone to renovate her house into an actual art museum dedicated to her deceased husband. Once we met, she really took a liking to me and said I could live in that house as if it were mine. What’s more, I could stay in this living museum whenever I wanted in return for helping with the renovation process. She told me that I could use this house as a space to teach art, to make art, and to use as an art gallery. This offer came to me just because I cared about a small Facebook post with big dreams while being prepared to leave my comfort zone.

What about unexpected love?

I have been living in a small island country with a desert climate for the last few months. This country is very close to Saudi Arabia, so imagine the weather right now. You cannot see anything but palms, different shades of beige on each house, and the sizzling sun. After more than a year, while I was thinking about what it would be like in my next relationship, I met a guy working as a coach in an ice hockey rink. Now we really were talking about ice in the middle of the desert. I would have never imagined something like that before!

What now!

To be honest, everything that I had has fallen apart beautifully. Yes, I called beautiful destruction to bring unfortunate experiences that caused me to lose my great opportunities and the prospective love of my life. But as Shams Tabrizi said once, “Instead of resisting changes, surrender. Let life be with you, not against you. If you think ‘My life will be upside down’ don’t worry. How do you know down is not better than up?

I could not keep the huge villa and dream offer as part of my career, and I did not maintain that amazing icy love in the middle of the desert. I lost a lot of things and experienced a great deal of unfairness that I did not deserve during my stay in that country, which I came to just because of one Facebook post. However, I experienced many miracles that I would have missed if my life were not upside down. Yes, I may be down, but that also leads me to the highest version of myself.

God bless,

Wicked Rose

Wicked Rose