I was sitting in a big yellow bus. The seats were not particularly new, but fortunately the driver was friendly.  I started to look at every seat carefully. The occupants of these seats were so different from each other. I sat next to the old woman sitting behind the bus driver and said, “Hello, what’s your name?”

She replied, “My name is Maturity. I always sit at the front because this bus needs me, and I know it well.”

I asked the driver to stop the bus and invited this woman to leave with me. She accepted my request, and we went to sit on the bench outside. As we started to talk, I asked her, “What’s your gift to me?”

She told me that her best gift is to sit at the front of the bus and control all events from there. She said, “I sometimes interfere with events, and you are pleased with it.”

I wasn’t surprised at all as I said, “Thank you.”  We then again got on the bus, which had somehow been waiting for us.

I moved toward the back and met a boy wearing eyeglasses. He seemed very angry. I said hello and asked his name.

He replied, “My name is Anger.”

Again, I asked to stop the bus and invited him outside. I asked him what his gift for me would be. He said, “I’m sometimes very angry, and you mostly ignore me whenever something unfair happens. I want you to see the unfairness and me as well, but you turn your face away. So I’m becoming so angry and making you feel this anger too.”

When I asked him what I should do for him, he said, “You should see me and admit you are seeing bad things happening and say it’s okay.”

I promised him that I would, and then we boarded the bus again. His face was not smiling, but at least it wasn’t angry anymore.

Opposite his seat, I saw a cheerful girl. She said her name was Joy and that she wanted to sit upfront. I accepted her wish and moved with her to a new seat, opposite Maturity. She seemed really happy to sit at the front rather than the back.

At the back, there was an unhappy little girl. Following the same process as before, we asked her what was wrong with her, and she said she needed to be held and accepted deeply. She complained about the way she was dressed, because it wasn’t what she had asked for. She said she had wanted to have the pink skirt she liked in the shop, but her mother had bought another one in a dark color because it would be easier to keep clean. She had worn it for years even though she hated it. I gave her what she wanted, a nice pink skirt. She suddenly grew very happy and held me tight for a few minutes. We then stood still as if time had stopped. We felt unconditioned love and let go of all the accusations, pain, and sorrow. After that, we got on the bus again and I sat next to her. The driver asked me, “Shall we go?” and I shouted my approval. While moving, I noticed that there were others whom I hadn’t met or spoken to yet. When the bus stopped, I promised to visit them more often. I said goodbye and got off the bus. I felt lighter, and in the following days, I felt and witnessed the positive results of this journey in my life.
I recommend that you visit your own bus, which could be a color other than yellow, but I assure you, you will have extraordinary experiences when you meet your unseen, untouched parts and sides of yourself on the bus. Please show your interest, love, and compassion to them and then watch and share with us the reflections of your own life.

Pınar Akpınar