I don’t know what your own attitude toward this is, but for a long time, I searched for my mission in life.

I wondered if it was to do this or do that. What was it? How could I touch more people and be useful? My god, how arrogant I was!

For some reason, when we seek out our missions in life, we always focus on the bigger roles, at least I certainly did. If the world were a stage and existence a play, we would need supporting roles just as much as the main ones. In fact, no role is more valuable than any other. Omitting a single character from a play may ruin it, so given this, why are we so eager for the big roles? Just by existing, are we not serving the whole? I realized my arrogance while watching the video of a talk between Hasan and Meryem some time ago. I came to recognize that if I manage to exist, I serve the whole. My aim in life, my mission, is just this. To realize the “moment” and live in it, to do everything I do with this consciousness. This way, whatever my role is, I will be playing it without even knowing it.

A while ago, while I was buying bread at my local bakery, a boy working there said to me, “You’re a person to envy.”

With some surprise, I asked him why. He clearly didn’t know me or anything about me. He didn’t know my job, my skills, my character, or even my name. He simply said, “You are always smiling. Every time you pass, we talk about it, and we also smile”.

This shows how useful we can be just by existing.  When I consider it from my perspective, I am just passing in front of that bakery as I walk home. I did not realize that I am smiling, but since that boy told me this, every time I pass I recall that conversation and my smile gets automatically bigger. This is the power of interaction. Who knows, maybe my mission in life is to just walk around with a big smile on my face.

Thinking about my aim in life, I may postpone looking for it. I have come to realize that a life mission is not something that you find by searching or by thinking. It is first necessary to live and feel every “moment” as you live. Only then can I understand my role and realize the things that I do automatically. Maybe as I do this, my role may become bigger, but I certainly shouldn’t expect it. If everyone played the starring role, who would play all the other ones?

The traditional theatre is a bit different, though. In general, actors practice their roles for days or weeks and memorize their lines. We, on the other hand, shape our roles as we live them. This is why we really have to live, to exist. We need to live the moment not to miss the coming prompts. What would happen if I was too busy dwelling on a past suffering or worrying about the future just when the prompt is given? Thanks to God, however, our prompter never gives up on us. Even if we do not hear them at first, our prompter continues giving us prompts in different ways. Of course, we don’t hear the prompts through our ears. When we are really in the moment, we feel them inside, in our hearts. Rather than thinking about how you should be the star of the show, the heart should be calm. Your mind may also say you do not deserve your role.  The mind can communicate differently according to the person, but the language of love is universal.

Wishing you days in which you listen to your heart and hear your prompts…