Everything in the universe has a vibration, each and every single atom and even the electrons and other subatomic particles.
Even our thoughts and subconscious are vibrations. Based on these vibrations, our bodies generate a natural electromagnetic field that we call the aura. We can also define the aura as an electrophotonic response given by an object after stimulation. The seven chakras invisibly radiate seven levels of energy, providing information about the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy of a person.
The aura of plants changes rapidly. A flower gives a red color around its pistil, while the auras of animals are wide and emit unconditional love. Children have a bright, shining and clear aura, because they are not yet contaminated by the materialist, ego-centered world. In fact, kids can see auras before they reach five years old. This explains why newborns always look above a person rather than directly into their eyes. If they like what they see, they smile. If not, they cry, because kids always prefer good people.
Ancient artwork shows how people of old could see auras with the naked eye. Buddha, Christ, and even ordinary people in the caves were always depicted with colors and circles above their heads. These days, some talented people can still see auras, while others use Kirlian Photography. If you want to try seeing an aura, focus on a person in a dimly lit room. There should be a white background behind him or her. For 60 seconds, focus on the center of the person’s forehead and then feel the environment. You may notice the areas around the person is brighter and a slightly different color than the white wall behind. The more you focus, the greater the chances that you will see this person’s aura. You may find you regain an ability you had in your roots but had long forgotten.
Bad thoughts leave clouds of clutter in our auras, and these are lessons we have to figure out in our lives. Besides that, though, our auras generally have one or two colors, quite often our favorite colors. All the colors of the rainbow are good as long as they are bright. Very quick flashes of light reveal quickly changing thoughts.
If you can’t manage to see your aura, don’t worry, some websites can reveal your aura from your photo. Here are some examples:
Knowing your emotional state on each picture, you can test yourself.

  • Purple: Spiritual thoughts, never a dooming color, temporary thoughts or flames
  • Blue: Balanced being, calmness in the nervous system, a natural survivor
  • Turquoise: A dynamic being, a highly energetic personality, multi-tasking abilities, a natural leader with organizational talent
  • Green: Calming, healing, a natural healer, very peaceful
  • Yellow: Joy, freedom, independence, generosity, including with life energy
  • Golden yellow: Spiritual leader (If someone claims to be one but doesn’t have a golden aura, you know he is lying.)
  • Orange: Refreshing, joyful, attractive, often developing into a spiritual leader
  • Red: Materialistic thoughts, thoughts about the physical body
  • Pink: Combination of purple and red, love at spirituality (It’s purple at the highest frequency combined with red at the lowest.), a balanced being, a very unique color

The following cluttered colors do not shine and are only seen as shadows:

  • Brown: Nervousness, distraction, materialism, a refusal of spirituality
  • Grey: Dark thoughts, depressive ideas, the dark side of the personality
  • Sulfur: Pain, unrest, anger
  • White: Serious illness, drugs, an imbalance in the body and mind

A few hours before we die, our auras become a dense white. People used to perceive this long ago and that is why death is often illustrated in white.
It is useful to know your aura’s color for a number of reasons:

  • We feel more comfortable if we can pick the right colors for our household decor and our clothing.
  • We will relax and energize when choosing natural stones and materials that fit our auras.
  • If you see dark colors in your aura, you can start to meditate, because this helps you to increase your frequency and reach your loving inner soul. You can also start seeking out your life lessons.
  • When you are in a crowded place, imagine yourself in a large, six-to-twelve-foot-wide blue bubble. This bubble reflects all negativity back to its source.
  • A nice piece of music, some delicious food, candlelight, light curtains, living flowers, a clean house, and pets all elevate the energy of a home.
  • Cats and children easily perceive negativity, so observe them well.
  • Houses carry the energy of their previous occupants, such as their fights, arguments, and other events. It can therefore be helpful to perform an energetical house clearing, which I described in a previous article for The Wise.
  • Finally, when we move out of a home, it is good to say goodbye to it for the sake of the new inhabitants, because if we remain attached to a house, we keep sending it energy.