Suffering or joy, through which do you prefer to evolve? Is it really possible to choose? Most think that pain is an inevitable part of our lives, something outside us. All events happen to us as if we do not have any control or influence over them, so we suffer automatically. It seems unfair to me, however. Everything occurs inside us, and we have the ability to choose how to react to events, even those we think are outside our control. I believe there is a divine order, and it’s really fair.

Sure, there is pain in our lives, but we experience pain when we need it. But how or why can we need pain? If we are to compare and comprehend something in our lives through pain, it is there to serve us. For instance, I’m holding on to something very tightly, considering it the most important thing in my life to the exclusion of all else. Now, the system needs to show me that it’s not the only precious thing, so it removes it from me to demonstrate that I am overly connected to this thing. I would otherwise go on suffering because I don’t want to leave it, and at this point, I really need a third eye to see how God doesn’t like hurting me. Every time I feel pain, I realize that I am overly attached to something, and it’s not good for me. Once I realize this and read the signals, the pain suddenly vanishes because I don’t need it anymore.

I think the system doesn’t want us to possess anything. In a way, it is saying, “You hang around the wrong places. Come and see more!” It’s continuously inviting us to something greater, better, and more miraculous in our lives…

Now, think about the most painful moments in your life for a minute. What was it you refused to let go of? What were you meaninglessly holding onto so tightly, causing you pain? What did you learn through this pain? How did you evolve through suffering? Do you need more pain or not?
I know you now wonder how you can evolve through joy without pain. Is this really possible?

To be continued… 🙂