I jammed many desires to chase into my fleeting lifetime…
I did this because I thought I would find happiness once I satisfied them, and I did satisfy them somehow, but the answer was not there. Every little thing I lusted after and expended energy on failed to provide a lasting satisfaction. Well then, what was left once I realized the truth? There were just the dreams I bore in my heart, but these were not to be lusted after. These were there so I could tell the operator where I wanted to go next.
Yet there’s still plenty of time before the train sets off, so why don’t I go for a walk in the city and enjoy the many beautiful details that I ignored before?
So, what then, you ask? I will then need to look into my heart to see which dreams are nestled in my chest.
Okay, and for how long will this go on?
They say the universe is endless. They also say the same thing about dreams. Above all, they say that the passengers in this vast, endless universe are endless themselves. It’s not the time to lust after things but rather time to explore and see how endless this endlessness is. But let’s take a stroll first, shall we?
Because there’s plenty more time before the train sets off!
What you will do next is up to your dreams… 🙂

Hasan Sonsuz