In nature, only humans have the capability to transform sexual energy into a stronger energy, into an enraptured and cosmic wholeness.
A natural way to reach this ability and maturity is through cherishing sex, just as it deserves.
It’s possible to gain further sexual satisfaction and feel content spiritually as well by taking some suggestions into consideration and incorporating them into your life. To help remember the following suggestions, take some notes and resolve yourself to be determined and enthusiastic about transforming each suggestion into an experience.

Forget the result and stay in the process.

A result-oriented attitude during sex leads to a superficial experience of sexual energy and only a short-term satisfaction. The real satisfaction lies in the experience that is naturally generated in each and every cell of the body. This moves you toward being whole rather than fragmented. The aim of sex should not be to merely stimulate the genital organs, and that’s why it’s important to avoid the result-oriented mindset, so you can completely enjoy a sexual act without requiring a particular result. There is a significant difference between ejaculation and having an orgasm. While ejaculation only concerns the male genitals, an orgasm is about the entire body. A result-oriented mind is concerned only with releasing the sexual energy provided. The thought and intention of staying within the process, however, enables the energy to be distributed equally throughout the entire body.

Respect sex and consider it divine.

Sexuality is generally considered an expression of the need to reproduce. This sexual energy brings out creativity and enables us to see it tangibly. This is why it’s divine. At the same time, it’s also an impulsion that enables us to experience the most sublime and deep levels of our existence. This is another reason why it’s divine. Turning it into something casual destroys the respect we should have for sex, and such behavior reveals our most primitive bestial nature, keeping us within the reproductive consciousness. For your spiritual experiences, it is essential to develop a perception about sexuality, one where it’s something exclusive and important, and approach it as if it were a ritual or a form of worship.

Free yourself from thoughts of shame and sin.

The discovery of sexual energy begins in early childhood, but the process is distorted by social, cultural, and moral prejudices that lead to feelings of shame and guilt. In the meantime, a sense of shame, sin, or uncleanliness is projected around sexuality. Such thoughts generally block sexual energy, or the energy becomes compressed inside the root chakra where it weakens. In addition, a lack of confidence and increased worries and concerns about the future are seen. The mind is always noisy. These prejudices are the very reason why you are influenced by the intense firing of thoughts during sex. This is why you think about the score of a football match or whether you cooked those dried beans for long enough. The only salvation from these thoughts is to trust and believe in the curative power of sex. Notice that even though you carry the scars of your past prejudices, this awareness is enough all by itself. When the thoughts attack, let them recede back to where they belong.

Know thyself, what you want, and express it.

Exploring your mind’s sexual map and outlining your suppressed desires is greatly significant. Knowing yourself means being in a closer relationship with your body, as well as connecting with your thoughts and feelings. Your senses will guide you on this. You should incorporate your senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound into sexual pleasure and explore them. You should confess to yourself with an open heart what turns you on and which sexual stimuli you respond to best. People generally assume they are alone in this and they lack the courage to face the wealth of the sexual world. Knowing what you really want from sex can only be possible by recognizing the desires in the unconscious mind that disturb you and releasing the ones you do not want.

Talk and converse.

Being able to talk seriously about sexuality is very difficult for most people. Couples being unable to talk about their sex lives is one of the most significant causes of disappointment in a relationship. When this is not talked about, sexual acts turn into a sort of mission to fulfill, and this causes an unconscious anger to manifest. Talking relaxes people, annihilates tension, and enables couples to discover each other. Connecting in the real sense and getting closer is only possible by allowing a verbal expression of sexuality. This deepens the sincerity between you.

There should always be a light.

Making love in the dark is mostly a form of escape. Changing this preference, this need to hide, enables you to have confidence in yourself and your body. There should be a soft light, for deep, good quality sex. Making eye contact provides easy access to feelings during sex. Just a little bit of light will enable you to see into the eyes of your partner.

Care for smell.

Sexual pheromones are a hormonal substance that regulates the sexual relationship among species. Through an organ inside the nose, pheromones are delivered to the brain. This is why smell is so important. The skin’s natural smell should be preferred over heavy artificial fragrances—just taking a shower is enough. Light smells closer to the real smell of skin will trigger more sexual desire.

Free your breath and your voice.

Breathing goes far beyond merely inhaling air. It’s the prana, the total sum of the entire energy that exists in the universe, the cosmic universal energy. By including breathing into sexual movements by taking in deep and strong breaths, sexual energy is multiplied. The effect of breath over the entire orgasm is of great importance. Strong breaths trigger orgasmic sounds. With this sound, sexual energy vibrates more and spreads throughout the whole body and the aura. Voice and breath should be allowed, so tension can be released.

Allow feelings and be flexible.

Sex is a cure, and it’s a strong form of therapy. Once you allow your feelings to flow, the intellect of sexual energy analyzes them for you. Bring them to the surface and they will present you with an opportunity to be free. This sometimes comes out as tears or unprovoked laughter. Sometimes you experience both at the same time. In order to have access to your feelings, it’s enough to trust in the healing power of sex.

The feminine and masculine balance

Feminine yin energy expresses itself during sex through deepness, fragility, and softness. Masculine yang energy is active, hot, and passionate. Using them both in balance is what making love is really about. With the hot yang, you may sometimes turn into a wild tiger, or you may swim in the deep waters of the ocean with the fragile yin. Once you find the balance inside, you open up to your other dimensions.

Allow your fantasies.

Creating sexual fantasies and sharing them strengthens imagination. Sex becomes ordinary with a mechanical way of thinking. Imagination is a door that opens up your eternal potential. Your sexual journey goes through imagination, free from time and space, and carries you to deeper experiences. You may sail toward fun adventures through fantasies together with your partner.

From spontaneous sex to scheduled sex

Scheduling is needed to change habits and create new discoveries, unlike spontaneous sex. To set a program you can stick to, use a place lit with candles, some erotic music, a plate with different tastes, and some nice clothes to make it easier for you to get in the mood. You can dedicate a long period of time to your date and liven it up by incorporating massage, dance, meditation, and different rituals.


At different times of the day, express your sexual energy through written or verbal communication. A passionate text to your partner will keep your relationship alive.

Improve yourself on the subject.

Improve yourself by reading books on sexuality. Do some research through the visual and written communication channels. Learning the deeper aspects of your sexual organs will enable you to open up to a great science. The secrets of cosmic science lie within these organs, which we either unconsciously tend to withdraw from or are pulled heavily toward them. This is the main entrance to the ancient path of wisdom.

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