There’s a ground rule to life and change: Nothing is easy, but everything is possible.

There are no magical barriers or imaginary obstacles.

There are no angels or leprechauns handing you hints during your exams, nor are the teachers  obsessed with you failing.

There is no heaven or hell for being hassle-free and irresponsible.

The world does not turn because of collective will, but there is also no God making decisions for you.

Techniques, healings, and other practices are good, but they’re not enough if you do not know why you’re performing them. On the other hand, you cannot get anywhere without them.

İt’s easy yet very wrong to surrender your will to healers, gurus, and guides, just because you want somebody to make decisions for you.

They ask for your money, time, and energy in return for leading you. You don’t like it, but you cannot see your path, so you desperately search for help.

You commit to something, but the results are entirely different.

And so it continues.

The spiritual path is full of paradoxes.

Don’t choose the easy way. Instead, change and grow.

You are the only one that can do it—,no one else can do it for you.

Accept that you are responsible for the problem.

And always remember: Nothing is easy, but everything is possible.