It’s not the event that afflicts a person but rather how the mind judges the event according to the predefined opinions of society.
Wise people say, “A person who shows emotions while watching a sentimental, touchy movie is a healthy minded person. A person who hides his emotions in the same situation is generally on the path to a mental disorder.”
Compassion is one of the most important emotions that a person can ever experience. Only an open-minded person can understand the real value of it, while most people cannot distinguish compassion from pity.
Compassion allows you to understand and feel another person’s emotions. It also helps the energy to rise for both of your souls. Pity, on the other hand, will diminish your soul’s power.
Pity translates to saying things like “My destiny is better than yours” or “Thank God I’m luckier than you.” Compassion, however, means your soul knows how the other person feels, how sad they are, and it respects those emotions.
The real life energy has nothing to do with the energy we see in movies. In a movie, we watch a story unfold that was created by someone. This story prompts the emotions that the director and screenwriter want us to feel. Some parts may be emotionally exaggerated, and a healthy minded person cannot keep himself from being moved by them.
When we experience a real event that hurts us very deeply, we feel sad because we actually pity ourselves. Most of the time, we ask, “Why me?” We also wonder why someone would do such a thing. These are keys that open the door to our emotions.
So, do you really recognize your emotions? Do you feel compassion or pity?
With love and light…

Zeynep Sevil Güven