Everybody knows it’s not a good idea to invite a psycho into your home. It will inevitably cause serious trouble when you show hospitality and invite him or her into your home. This one psycho will start to fill your house with other psychos, sociopaths, and others prone to criminal behaviors. Before you realize what’s going on, your house has become a bed of criminal activity with constant fighting. Your relationships with your neighbors go downhill, and it’s not your neighbors’ fault. You lose all sense of peace, and you and your loved ones are under constant threat. This continues until the psycho has used up all your material and spiritual resources and kicked you out of your own house. So, don’t allow a psycho into your home—protect it well.

We all know not to let a psycho come into our homes, and we know the importance of having sturdy locks on the doors and taking all the other necessary precautions. However, we leave our doors wide open to all kind of things when it comes to our minds. We do nothing to prevent all those psychopathic thoughts from occupying our minds. After a while, all those anxious, obsessive, and angry thoughts full of assumptions turn our minds into a battlefield. Not only do they cause problems inside; they ruin our relationships with our neighbors and the outside world, and this is not our neighbors’ fault. Our mental world becomes tense, anxious, unhappy, and full of pain. Your peace and security are threatened by psychopathic thoughts. This continues until those thoughts destroy our sense of reality. Eventually, we lose all mental control and are kicked out of our own minds. Once we are kicked out of our minds by these out-of-control thoughts, these thoughts, with their favored method of selective perception, choose darkness over light and build up a painful existence full of anxiety, worry, anger, and restlessness that harms us and others and cause vicious circles we cannot break.

There are two reasons for this situation happening to us. The first reason is that our assumption of these thoughts ‘already’ existing in our minds. However, this is not true

These thoughts are not in our minds, and we do not own them. Thoughts are created by “triggers.” They are not our thoughts, but rather just “themselves.” Thoughts are consciously born from a set of triggers, and if they manage to get our attention, they gorge themselves on this energy and continue to exist. As they are born and take our attention to continue their existence with necessary energy, meaning after they took our attention, they tie themselves up with a past event or a possibility in future and by means of this event they continuously take energy

We somehow could not keep these thoughts outside because we never learned how to notice how thoughts are formed and accept the thoughts already in our minds. However, thoughts are welcomed inside with great hospitability and fed by us. Therefore, the doors of our minds should be protected with a suitable evaluation and awareness. Defective, sick, malignant, anxious, nervous, speculative, and psychopathic thoughts should not be let inside. Fine, but how can we distinguish the right thoughts from the wrong ones?

Here, we confront the second reason for our defeat: We believe thoughts can describe the reality of the things they talk about. However, there is no way a thought can really know the subject of its attention. In other words, thinking of an apple does not give taste information of an apple.

We don’t understand this, so when a psychopathic thought says, “Hey dude, no one loves me,” we assume it is a true statement and come to believe that we are loved by no one. Once this psychopathic thought convinces us, we act towards other people as if they don’t love us. In no time at all, we have created valid reasons for these people not to love us. However, thoughts cannot acquire accurate information about the subject of their deliberation. The reality of something can only be understood by observing, not by thinking about it.

Thoughts can surely be educated and become a tool to think about reality when they are brought to an analytical state. So, the homeowner first needs to return to his house before it is too late and kick out the crowd of psychos. To kick out psychos, we need to understand these ‘creatures’ reality of convincing us is not the ‘reality’ and their home is not inside our minds.

One of humanity’s most important educations in life is a correct training of the mind, protecting it and disciplining the thoughts within it, and learning how to observe reality. Unfortunately, we live without news of this reality, whereas our entire education system should focus on it. So, while you still have breath to take, journey back to your real home, the one you were thrown out of. Train for it. Learn it, apply it, and achieve it. There will then be nothing you cannot achieve.