Actually, there are no problems in the world, yet our minds feel there are.
This happens because of how we perceive the world due to our state of mind.
We humans assume that what we see in our minds is a real interpretation of the world. We believe this interpretation is objective, and we also tend to assume that everybody else feels the same way about the things going on in the world. This way of thinking makes us believe that every emotion in our minds and every sensation in our bodies is an accurate description of reality, so the world is just like how we feel and think it to be. As a result, we try to live our lives according to our delusions. We confuse the imaginary fiction in our minds with reality, so we judge reality based on our delusions. Even worse, we hardly ever doubt this flawed way of thinking. The less that reality matches up to our delusions, the more our accusations, regrets, and worries inevitably struggle to control everything.
We live in a world of interpretation rather than reality, at least until we come to a certain point of realization when we start to understand that the things in our minds and reality are two different things. When our interpretations, comparisons, beliefs, and illusionary knowledge disappear, reality begins to unfold before our eyes, just like when a steamy window starts to clear. Right at this point, we realize what is reality and what is just mental illusion. Finally, we can abandon our delusions and live in reality.